Tips for Email Marketing for Higher Education Institutions

Tips for Email Marketing for Higher Education Institutions

December 24, 2020

Measuring results with traditional marketing is never an easy task. However, with market automation, it is possible to keep track of digital interactions and emails with students. Their actions will be tracked from the first time they access the site all the way through the enrollment process. 

The Use of Marketing Automation

While best used with digital marketing, automation can also be used in other realms. There are some platforms that will allow higher education institutions to track traditional efforts like physical mail that has been sent out, interactions with school recruiters, and even events that are attended. 

Be Mobile Friendly

Today, students are all about using mobile devices, so all marketing strategies should be mobile friendly. Emails are checked and sent using mobile devices every second of the day. Not only will this allow for fast communication with potential students, but will also offer quick browsing of information and will help when using social media tools for promotional and advertising purposes. The majority of students interested in higher education will start their school search online, so you want to make sure your name is one of the first they see.

When designing a marketing email, be sure you cater to mobile users, but also ensure the message can be accessed and easily navigated on desktop devices. When considering the design, keep in mind web personalization, which will allow you to optimize conversions for potential students by featuring content from particular programs that the student has expressed an interest in. Make sure that all content is mobile-optimized, is easy to read, and is to the point. Mobile users are using devices to quickly search and gather information, so you want to make a strong first impression.

Live Stream Events and Classes

Again, this will tie into the use of social media. With a social media account, universities can live stream events and can even host live question and answer sessions that will appeal to potential new students. Emails can be sent to students announcing new live streams and to reach out to those that have expressed an interest in the institution. The younger generation relies on live streaming for many things day to day, so this is a great way to reach a target audience while providing information and welcoming new students.

Being diverse with streaming will be essential. Universities should not only focus on the offering of programs and classes. By presenting live streams of sporting events or even tours of the campus, students will be more drawn to watch the streams and have a better understanding of what is actually offered at the university.

Live stream marketing will also allow for live interactions, so questions can be asked right then, allowing students to get the answers to any questions they may have about higher education.

Email Automation

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When using email marketing strategies, one of the best things is email automation. This will allow schools to send targeting emails at a certain time using a generated email list. The goal is to promote brand awareness and to build a relationship with the students. It would be quite time consuming to create individual emails for every student on a mailing list. With automation, you can select certain data to target a group and send an email to a large group of students that have similar interests and goals. 

As an education expert that wrote PrepScholar review and reviewed different online learning platforms told us: “Automated emails are much more personalized than generic mass mailings, so you will reach your audience and will make an impact. You will also be able to track the performance of emails that can help maintain a good marketing strategy or indicate where changes may be needed.”

Many industries believe that email marketing is dead, but in the world of higher education, this is a perfect way to reach target groups. Younger students are always accessing emails and making use of mobile devices and social media. By sending emails, you can quickly reach students and provide them with the requested information, invite them to live streams and social events, and more. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics that can be used.

Timely Responses are Key

Each day, thousands of universities worldwide are competing to attract new students. By using email marketing, universities have the ability to reach out to any student that has posed an inquiry or expressed an interest in an offered program. While email marketing is a great way for brand promotion, it is useless if there is not a timely response.

When students send an email, they are looking for direct answers. They may want information on programs and classes that are offered or may be looking for the next steps needed for enrollment. Universities cannot afford to miss out on any opportunity to enroll a student, which is why timely responses are always essential.

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