Top 10 Hacks for Content Marketing

Top 10 Hacks for Content Marketing

October 17, 2019

The technique of creating content for an audience, and content marketing has become a significant and popular trend. The content marketing tips here can help a writer to gain success in the market.

Top 10 hacks for content marketing

1. Try the gamification approach

While producing content and uploading it on one or more platforms of one’s choice might give him/her some momentum, it is highly effective when a person takes a stance to gamify the major content publishing platforms.

Gamification is a pretty hefty yet effect subject to drive traffic to a blog. It is a testament, of mixing the seriousness with fun. So, one can take advantage of this hack or tactic that guarantees an enormous amount of significant growth when it comes to the content platforms.

There are many ways to gamify a platform. For instance, one can use plugins like those provided by sites like WordPress, Youtube, and Blogger. The WordPress plugin is known as Love It Pro.

Plugins help in allowing visitors to come to a particular platform and “vote” on the contents that one puts out as posts. A person can also provide widgets that show that “most voted” content on the blog or any other platform that can garner the audience in the long run.

2. Build a plan to update the content regularly and on time.

The content created might be useful, original, and remarkable. However, in the long run, this would not come in as handy but being punctual and consistent with the publication of the content online, can definitely prove to be advantageous.

  • Being punctual when it comes to uploading content as regularly as one can, plays a huge role in letting the content stays on the top of the game. It is because newer contents are being made every passing minute and stack up on the older ones in the process.
  • In 2019, the number of blog posts upped to around 32 million users and 2 billion blogs per day.
  • On average, there are more than 80 million posts published almost every month.

It shows how competitive this industry has become, and to keep up with the algorithms that define this market, one needs to be punctual and consistent with his/her content.

3. Be more versatile with the content writing plan.

If one is producing just text-based content, it is better to shift a little bit of the focus to providing something extra to the content, such as videos and images. If writing is one’s forte, then one should state it as one’s main content.

However, crossing it over with other provisions, such as videos and pictures, can go a long way in developing a brand, writing the sphere of content marketing. It is one of the greatest content writing tools for growth hacking and digital marketing. One can also post the content on his/her social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The writer should be more creative with the thumbnail of the video on Youtube or with the cover picture on the blog posts. These things attract the attention of the viewers, which, in turn, tempts them to click on the link and consume the content effectively.

4. Write attention bearing headlines.

As stated earlier, things like the thumbnail or the headline or caption bear a strong significance when it comes to garnering the attention of an audience. The headline is one of the top aspects of gaining success in the world of content marketing.

The content marketer can try a catchy yet respectable headline that would help in capturing the attention of the readers and/or viewers. It is the first step in gaining success in the content creation process, as the caption helps in encouraging the audience to click the link and drive traffic to the website and in the long run, helping in gaining success in the sphere of content marketing.

Try to write various captions and test them out one by one. Then, as something clicks with the content produced, use it for that particular piece. Either one can use the caption or improve upon it with his/her burning knowledge.

Apart from a catchy heading one should also use call to action sentences, especially while writing promotional content for a particular site. It makes the content engaging for the readers.

5. It offers an E-course, presumably free

One of the great ways to get viewers interested in the content page is by being helpful to them in the process—that is, for instance, providing an e-course on something that one masters. It can be something straightforward, like writing, photography, or even productivity.

Many online education and self-improvement platforms provide genuine and valid texts in this case. They have the class-based feature that breaks down the information into small and sizable chunks that would allow the audience to grasp without much difficulty.

The system for online education has seen a specific but immense amount of growth in recent years. With the rising popularity in this field, the internet is at the disposal, and one can use it effectively and direct traffic to the online platform in the process.

6. Do more with useful keyword research and usage.

It is clear by now that by every passing minute, more and more content and information get uploaded online. To survive this competition, one needs to be more strategic in terms of planning and execution.

Thus, before planning to write an article, do thorough keyword research that particular day and use those research keywords in the content as much as possible. There are many sites out there that can help with the research work. For example, there are Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and many more.

With the help of popular keywords, creating content can become much more accessible and strategic. Keywords are a blessing in producing web content that is successful in the long run.

These keyword searching sites give a clear outline of the Domain Overview, Keyword Suggestions, and the top SEO Pages that share them. It also provides content ideas and inspiration, and backlink data.

7. Grow the Google audience in the process.

With the advancement of technology and the internet being at the mere doors step, it has become easier for new brands to gain exposure in literally any corner of the world. However, with this amount of natural exposure, comes fierce competition.

As more and more people are using online techniques for global exposure via the internet, the competition to stay at the top is becoming harder in the process. To use the exercise effectively, it is advisable to create a Google+ profile for the content and brand.

It is because Google+ is Google’s social network. With the provision of a Google+ profile, the algorithm spike up more via Google Search. Due to this, the content gets embedded in the Google network, and this, in turn, helps the writer in gaining more exposure as time goes by.

8. Stand out from the rest.

Before starting with the process of content creation, one needs to ask oneself a particular question—why one is involved in this process? After having an answer, evaluate it and see if it aids the passion in the long run or not.

However, if a person is into this process of content marketing because 10 other people are doing it, then one needs to re-evaluate his/her actions regarding this. The only way a person can stand out from the rest is by aiding his/her passion, instead of just following a trend.

When someone follows his/her passion, the best and original ideas come out. The best blogs out there come with data-driven content, analytics and insights, and persistence. Be unique with the approach when creating content and relentless in the pursuit of the recognition of a particular piece of content.

9. Use digital marketing.

Use social media to take advantage. Nowadays, content marketing has become more advanced and universalized. One can access it from any part of the world and provide content in the same way.

Share the posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to direct the audience from these platforms to the website. In order to improve the quality of the content, the writer can use different content checkers along with the plagiarism checkers.

10. Using Online Plagiarism Checker

Search engines do not allow duplicate content and if any content has plagiarized texts then that particular content or the content page gets deleted from the search engines and the content marketer faces a significant loss.

Thus, the article plagiarism checkers are something that the content writers should use to get good ranking and enough traffic for his/her page. Using sophisticated plagiarism software that will provide real time results with complete accuracy is something advisable and the writers, or the marketers should use it.

The algorithms also spike up in this case, and the content garners a lot more views and attention that it would usually do under some other circumstances. It creates a better pathway to showcase the hard work and attracts more links and gives a better amount of traffic to the content.

Thus, in order to get good ranking in search engines such as Google, duplicate content checkers are very important. The content marketers should use them to increase the traffic in the page.

Anmol is an MBA - Marketing graduate from an AACSB accredited school of business in Adelphi University, NY, a nationally-ranked tier-1 university. After completing his MBA, he started his journey as a Marketing Manager with Copyleaks, where he is responsible for strategizing, executing, and overlooking all marketing activities.

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