Top 5 Landing Pages Trends For 2022

Top 5 Landing Pages Trends For 2022

December 15, 2021

Landing page design forms a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy. The average conversion rate across all industries is 9.7% and a good conversion rate benchmark is set at 10%. So investing a good amount of time in carefully designing the landing page for your website is a must.

You might have a landing page but if it is not yielding good results then you might need to revamp it. Even if you don’t have a landing page and you are looking for ideas, keep reading. You have landed in the right place!

Before diving into the strategies while creating a great landing page, let’s know everything about it.

What Is A Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a stand-alone page, that is specifically designed for marketing purposes and to convert prospects into leads. It is the first interaction of a business with the prospect. You get as much as 7 seconds to impress the visitors. Visitors have a short attention span and they would leave your page if they don’t find anything of interest. Hence it is necessary to build the landing page carefully as it can significantly increase the conversion rates.

So here are the latest trends that would help you create great landing page effects and boost your conversion rates-

Top 5 Landing Pages Trend For 2022

1. Innovative Custom Illustrations

Custom Illustrations are an effective way to communicate your brand’s message to the customers in a playful tone. These illustrations add a personality to your brand and it becomes an easy way to describe the intent of your company as a story.

Image Source

This landing page is promoting speech recognition technology and is helping parents understand every sound and speech of their children. They have used this cute custom illustration to convey their motive and it successfully appeals to the visitors emotionally. So, instead of writing descriptive web copy, which can be overlooked by many prospects, you could use interesting custom illustrations on your landing page to engage the visitors.

2. Compelling Call To Action

CTAs are essential in any marketing campaign as they motivate customers to perform a specific action. Hence, CTAs need to be clearly visible on a landing page with a compelling copy so that the visitor is encouraged to perform the action.

Image Source

Most of us must be familiar with the captivating landing page of Netflix. The reason why it sells so much is its compelling copy. The user doesn’t feel like thinking twice before getting a Netflix subscription because they get to access amazing content without paying any price for a month. They can even cancel the subscription anytime if they don’t want to continue the subscription. This is how Netflix makes its CTA irresistible. If we look at the color theme, it is dark and yet the CTA clearly stands out from its background.

3. Use Video Content

Using relevant video content can increase the conversion rates by 86%, and this is the reason, 30% of top landing pages incorporate video in their marketing strategy. In some cases, videos are more convincing than a traditional web copy. If your website relies on explainer content then it is best to use explainer videos. You could even add testimonial videos to create a better impact on the visitors.

Image Source

4. Add Testimonials

Testimonials are always the best way to earn the trust of your customers and using them on the landing page will directly impact the conversion rates. 60% of customers trust user-generated content like reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Therefore, adding testimonials to the landing page is a very effective way of developing a lasting relationship with consumers.

Image Source

The above image is an example of testimonials for Bizzabo- an event planning and execution company. They have used a variety of content formats to highlight their customer reviews which helps identify the quality of their work.

5. Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays consumers use their smartphones for everything, whether scrolling through social media, making a purchase, or searching for information online. With the significant rise in the use of smartphones, it has become essential for every website to be mobile-friendly. According to a study, mobile has been contributing to approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. As per the 2021 data, mobile devices have generated 54.8% of global web traffic. Therefore, while creating a landing page you must make sure that it is mobile-friendly.

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To Conclude

The Landing page plays a key role to make a marketing campaign effective. So it is always best to take time and judiciously strategize your landing page. You can yield great results with an engaging and artistic landing page.

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