Top 5 Marketing Collaterals for Your Inspiration

Top 5 Marketing Collaterals for Your Inspiration

October 28, 2021

There are so many renowned brands out there today. That is why, no matter how well-known your brand is, you will always need different strategies to target different audiences. For that, you’ll need the appropriate marketing collaterals. The right marketing collateral will help you not only to generate quality leads but also to promote new products and campaigns. You will also gain new customers, retain and re-engage existing ones, and make yourself more popular.

There is one catch here. With so many different types of marketing collaterals out there, it can be confusing to select the types that are best to use for your business. But before you decide that, you need to understand what marketing collateral is.

What is Marketing Collateral? 

Any media material used to promote a company’s products or services or communicate your brand message is considered marketing collateral. This may include print materials like posters, flyers, hoardings to digital content like videos, catalogs, and E-magazines, etc.

Earlier, people only relied on traditional print materials which now are not the only option for marketing. With the help of the internet and digital booming with each passing day has opened up endless ways to market your brand. Now, you don’t have to rely on just print and face-to-face interactions. Everything you see online is now considered collateral. A few marketing collaterals examples include e-magazines, white papers, blog posts, digital annual reports, and more.

Moreover, these are not just relevant for sales, marketing, or customer acquisition teams. Today, branding is essential more than ever and so are the materials that you need for the same. This clearly shows that every department of an organization or business needs marketing collaterals. Now that you know what marketing collateral is, here are the top 5 marketing collaterals list essential for branding today. 

Top 5 Marketing Collaterals

1. Blog Posts

A well-maintained company blog is one of the best collateral to promote your brand and expose it to a wider audience. Besides the important and educative information about various topics that revolve around your product, they also include a call to action button. This helps the readers to check out other blogs, products or maybe make a purchase. 

Blog posts really help the readers find the answers they are looking for. Blog posts are also helpful in providing solutions to the problems your prospects might be facing. Direct them towards finding a solution and drive more traffic, increasing your brand awareness at the same time. 

2. Landing Pages

If you want to run multiple marketing campaigns to promote your brand, landing pages are the appropriate collateral for the same. These are stand-alone pages where your audience lands when they click on a certain ad. Landing pages usually include a form to collect the required information of the visitors and a call to action button. 

Although landing pages can be used for various purposes, they are majorly helpful in lead generation. The form that your visitors will fill out will include their contact details which can be used to pitch your products to them via emails, sales calls, social media, etc. 

3. Explainer Videos

If you want to appeal to visual learners, explainer videos are the best type of marketing collateral. Videos are currently in the limelight when it comes to marketing. It is one of the most widely used collaterals to provide a quick and easy explanation of a product or service. These videos will help you gain a good number of customers and gain their trust at the same time. 

Explainer videos also make it easy for the audience to understand the features and benefits of your product or service. It is visually appealing, which keeps them hooked to the information about your product at the end. These videos are generally not more than 90 seconds long. You can use this type of collateral on your website’s homepage, social media pages, products, and landing pages. 

If you want to leave an impact on your audience in less time, explainer videos are the best way to do that. Have a look at this video for example.

4. Testimonials

These days, people believe more of what others have to say about your product. This is where the customer testimonials come in. Testimonials are positive feedback from your customers explaining what they like about your products or services, helping build brand credibility at the same time. These act as social proof that can affect the buying decisions of your potential customers, which is why they are one of the most important marketing collateral today.

Testimonials build trust for your product and services. You can display them on your website, social media, and landing pages. This helps the visitors understand how your products and services helped others. 

5. White Papers

White papers are more like e-books. They are in-depth, technical collaterals focusing majorly on the complex topics related to the industry. You should use white papers to provide factual information like case studies and evidence to support it. Providing numbers and data will increase the credibility of the brand and give a fair idea of the positioning of your brand in the market. 

These days, people do not prefer sitting with the sales team for long product pitches. White papers can be really helpful here. They provide a thorough introduction to your services without putting any pressure or asking for commitment. Moreover, white papers are easy to view, download and share with others. 


Well-designed marketing collateral can give you an edge in the marketing competition. Not only do they help in quality lead generation, but can also help in strengthening your brand presence. They also offer your business an element of trust to make prospective customers comfortable buying from you. If you haven’t started using any yet, try out the top 5 marketing collateral ideas listed above and check out what works out the best for your business.

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