Top 5 PNG to Vector SVG File Conversion Tools

Top 5 PNG to Vector SVG File Conversion Tools

Lucia Wiliam
May 29, 2023

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the graphic format that is made from mathematical paths, even though it provides you with infinite scalability without sacrificing the quality. This is the patent aspect that keeps SVG vector format superior as compared to PNG raster and other formats. At some point, you people need to convert png to vector SVG file format for certain concerns. Thus, we created this post that loaded with few best programs that lets you create SVG vector from the existing PNG format. 

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Why Convert PNG to SVG Vector?

PNG is indicated as the best graphic choice for photographs due to its deep color-depth, while SVG is perfect for illustration works such as logos, icons, and more. The infinity Scalability is the most useful and upside feature of SVG vector file that make its highly pleasing for artwork representation, and it is the obvious reason to export png as svg format. Luckily, you can convert one or a batch of PNG images to SVG vector files using different illustration presets by making an instant visit to which is a 100% free web-based application. 


Start using Inkscape right now and export your file as SVG vector format without any huge manual intervention. This open-source program works as a full-fledged vector graphics editor that is highly compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Even there you can fetch innumerable other tools to process the certain modifications to an existing PNG file prior to converting it to the vector SVG format. 

How to Convert a PNG file to Vector SVG using Inkscape?

  • Launch the Inkscape program and choose the “Open” option that lets you load a PNG image file
  • Then, you can account both drawing and editing tools to proceed with desired modifications for an uploaded image
  • Very next, navigate with the given Save as an option and make a selection for the SVG as output format
  • Finally, click on the OK button for saving the uploaded PNG as SVG


GIMP is indicated as a freeware utility that works as the best PNG to SVG converter for Windows, Linux, or macOS. You can find that this vector program works as a full-fledged editor that lets you work for BMP, JPEG, TIFF, ICO, TGA, and more. For convenient and advanced editing concerns, this program entertains you with different tools including resize, colors, exposure, color balance, paint tools, and more.

How to convert PNG to SVG with the help of GIMP:

  • Open GIMP and navigate further with Open option that lets you add PNG image file
  • There you fetch different editing tools that function to make editing for the uploaded image file
  • Very next, you need to navigate with the File menu > Export as an option and there you have to choose SVG
  • Wait for a while, click on the Export button and let this PNG to SVG converter makes the file transformation process

LibreOffice Draw:

LibreOffice Draw is the best program that is patently used by experts to convert PNG to SVG vector format without any quality disruption. In addition to that, this program is taken into account for viewing, editing, and changing a file to SVG vector format simultaneously. You can even fetch different other options there such as transformation tools, text tools, shapes, symbols, color fill, and more. 

How to turn PNG into SVG with the use of LibreOffice Draw:

  • Open the LibreOffice Draw
  • Then, click the given Open button for adding the PNG from the existing storage
  • Fetch the given image editing tools along with certain features that lets you make modification for the uploaded image file
  • Navigate with Export menu and hit the SVG vector image format as the output file
  • Click OK button right there and get the converted SVG


This is another useful program that is packed with free PNG to SVG converter for making conversion on Windows, and Linux only. If your artworks involve batch image resizing, this vector-based tool works efficiently for you. In addition to that, you can start with adjusting the output image quality prior transformation by using its Image Settings panel. Also, you can encounter its Preview panel that lets you view all the imported images. This is where you can process with different image formats such as Pix, Gid, JPG, Dpx, PNG, and more. 

How to batch convert PNG to SVG with the use of Converseen?

  • Open the Converseen and navigate with its Open button for loading one or more PNG images
  • Right after that, move to the Convert to option and make a choice for SVG as the output format
  • Then, you have to ahead to the given Image Settings that lets you specify the output image quality
  • Finally, hit Convert button and let this program start conversion from png to svg vector format for free

RealWorld Paint:

This program not only lets you create drawing and other artwork, this also works as the best PNG to SVG converter for making particular conversion. It is referred to as the swift source for editing and annotating the imported PNG raster graphics prior transforming it to the vector SVG format. The most auspicious parameter is that it is loaded with a wide array of drawings and editing tools such as Layers, Mask, Color Palette, Shapes, Brush, Image Effects, and much more. 

How to convert PNG to SVG with assistance of RealWorld Paint?

Launch this program and hit the Open button for importing PNG image file into this program

Use the given options and tools for making further modifications

At last, you need to choose the SVG format and get the converted SVG right now

Finally, you explored the best picks that reveal how easily you could now convert PNG to SVG vector format with certain illustration presets. Once you try, you will know which is best according to your needs. Good Luck!

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