Top 5 Skills SEO Writers Should Get in 2021

Top 5 Skills SEO Writers Should Get in 2021

February 18, 2021

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a lot has changed. The digital aspect of running a business has become more integral than ever. This change has directly influenced how users interact with search engines, and so has also affected SEO writing.

Besides keeping up with what customers are looking for online, SEO writers are becoming almost indispensable - and for good reasons. Many companies have lost customers and desperately need to get them back. One way to lure customers back into the fold is through online campaigns and every campaign needs an SEO writer.

How to Learn The Ropes in SEO Writing

If you are a beginner, SEO writing might seem difficult. You will need some time to get the hang of it and be proficient. It won’t matter if you excel in other writing niches or provide college essay writing service for students. This is because the learning curve is steep and you need to acquire skills to help yourself. 

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As a green SEO writer, there are some ways to get the best start on your journey. Unsurprisingly, these head starts have to do with a lot of learning and - you guessed it - mistakes. However, with constant practice, you will grow. Some sure paths to becoming a reliable SEO writer include:

  • Taking a couple of SEO courses online
  • Learning optimization by tinkering on your website or that of a close friend
  • Working at the marketing agency of a company that you are interested in (it could also be volunteer work)
  • Joining forums that let you work and interact with other SEO writers

After familiarization with SEO techniques, use these skills to become exceptional:

Skills Needed as an SEO Writer In 2021

1. Crafting Catchy Titles And Descriptions

As far as SEO writing goes, the primary aim is to attract people to the website concerned. This objective isn’t too different from that of freelance copywriting. One of the most popular copywriting rules is that your headline has to be convincing. This is because it is the bait that lures people in.

The headline of your content can be referred to as the meta title. Like your title, the meta description is also another part of your content that makes users click on your link. It is a summary of your article. The idea is to highlight points in a manner that is fascinating enough for online visitors to click your link.

As an SEO writer, your content body is only one part of the job. You should know how to write catchy meta titles and meta descriptions. Without this skill, your content may be sidelined by other ones with more compelling headlines, summaries and intros.

2. Content Arrangement And Sequencing

If you are into SEO articles writing, you should know how to format your writing correctly. You are to use relevant headings and subheadings. If you are confused about what headings are, check the menu on your writing software. Within the menu, you should see a section for writing styles, sometimes represented as H1, H2, e.t.c.

Using these headings and subheadings properly will sectionalize your content and make it easier to read. They also help you maintain a well-structured article. When you can break your article into smaller sections, readers will likely spend more time on it.

3. Research Skills And Creativity

SEO writing requires that you use keywords that will make the article show up in search results. These keywords are words or phrases that online visitors use when searching for things in a niche. With keyword usage, attention to detail is vital.

That you are SEO writing does not mean that you should stifle your creative nature. There are ways to infuse creativity into your work to make you stand out. It takes excellent research skills and a creative eye to pick out popular keywords and fit them into your content.

4. Keywords Moderation

As a writer, your work is relevant only when it relays a clear message to your readers. If you are too focused on SEO writing’s technical aspect, you may become sloppy at writing. No volume of keywords will ever make up for unclear messaging or non-specific content. Besides, jam-packing your content with keywords is not recommended. If there are many keywords in an article, it can throw your readers off or worse, get your content flagged by Google.

5. Familiarization With SEO Content Tools

Whether due to plagiarism, discontinuity or grammatical errors, few things are as off putting as articles that just don’t live up to the hype in their titles and descriptions. Thankfully, SEO Content Tools can help you edit your article/ content after creation. When used properly, they can make all the difference.

Most of these tools are free and easy to use. How quickly an SEO writer familiarizes with these tools can set them apart from the crowd. The best SEO writers take full advantage of SEO tools to fine-tune their work.


SEO writing is now more relevant in 2021 than it has ever been. If you combine copywriting with the relevant SEO writing skills, you will be highly sought after. However, unless you constantly update your knowledge, it’s difficult to stay relevant as an SEO writer. Therefore, to avoid getting sidelined, we recommend that you master these skills and become more proficient in your element.

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