Top 5 Website Design Trends For 2022

Top 5 Website Design Trends For 2022

December 13, 2021

Website design trends are an ever-changing and developing arena that works towards a better user experience. Along with providing the best user experience, user engagement plays a key role in retaining customers. Modern web design examples show promising growth in the web designing field to enhance the overall user experience. Web developers are working hard to match the user expectations and set higher benchmarks.

In 2020, the total number of web developers and designers in the United States was around 178,900. By 2030, this number is projected to reach over 205,000.

With the rise in competition, there is an increase in innovative strategies in the field of web design to fetch the attention of maximum prospects. An effective web design sets a good first impression, projects authority, and highlights your expertise.

Here are five latest website design trends to get you going-

1. Bold Typography

Source: internetdevels

Using bold typography in web design is the best way to grab the user’s attention to the main objective of a website. Oversized letters directly appeal to the mind of the users and invoke emotions. While using oversized letters one should focus on the intent of the website. But bold letters would create a cluttered effect if used with image loaded web pages. For their optimal use, oversized typography should be used to highlight the main objective of a website or its brand name with minimal focus on the photos.

2. Collage Web Design

Source: Dribble

The use of collage in a web design is a bold and expressive way to present the idea of your web design. Collage doesn’t restrict the meaning of your website to just one image, rather it adds layers of meaning to the web design with the incorporation of several images. Moreover, it sets a unique identity for a brand and appeals to the consumers.

An intriguing collage aesthetic can be developed with the imposition of several layers of colors and an interesting juxtaposition of contrasting images. Collage style offers infinite opportunities to the designers without restricting their artistic freedom.

3. Bold Color

Source: UXPlanet

This bold trend of using powerful colors in a minimalistic fashion is all you need to stand out from the conventional use of soft and neutral colors. The use of bold colors creates a striking effect and the web design becomes all the more appealing.

Colors play an essential role in triggering certain moods and emotions in the minds of the users. So if the selection of the color palette has been done mindfully, it will effectively help in achieving the desired effects.

4. Lazy Loading


Source: Theedigital

Although this strategy has been prevalent for a long period of time. Even in contemporary times, this would be relevant and fruitful advice. Lazy loading is an effective technique for developers who have heavy resource-based websites and their site takes a long time to load. With the use of lazy loading, the web browsers will load only the onscreen content instead of loading all of the off-screen content as well. This will save time and users will get a faster loading speed.

Loading time and speed directly impacts the conversion rates and decide how long the user will stay on your website. If the content will load faster, the user will get a fair chance to interact with the content. The slow loading speed will only discourage the user and they will leave your site.

5. Linework

Source: Dribble

The use of linework is an amalgamation of both the old and modern web design techniques. Lines have been in vogue forever to define a purpose, to draw an object, or to give a direction. Effective use of lines can enhance the overall effect of the web design. Being a versatile element, lines possess the power to convey many different states and emotions. 


The design of a website is essential in strengthening the online presence of any business. Although, the design of your website doesn't have to be restricted to a single trend. Rather it depends on what you want to convey with your website. Hopefully, this blog has equipped you with powerful and effective website design ideas and will inspire you to make your web design trends in 2022!

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