Top 6 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Top 6 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

November 14, 2018

The aim of any small business is to improve their visibility and what better way than to have your business displayed on the top ranking of search engines?

Here are 6 easy SEO tips for beginners:

Perceive your Audience

Understanding the needs of your audience is very important because only then will you be able to give them what they’re looking for. In order to grab the attention of users, you must offer them something they need. The objective of search engines is to provide useful and relevant information to users looking for it. Understanding your audience will help you offer them the right products and services.

Choose keywords:

For most things online, especially for us at RedAlkemi, everything begins with the keywords. In order to implement successful SEO for small businesses, you must select highly relevant keywords and key phrases that represent your business. This is one of the most basic SEO tips that all marketers should be familiar with. These keywords will be responsible for bringing the right people to your website, so it is important that you carry out this activity mindfully. These keywords should best describe your business products and services. These key phrases or keywords must also be natural and easy for customers to appreciate.

Be aware of your competitors:

Frequently keeping an eye on your competitor’s websites and ranking on SERPs is important. You should be familiar with the type of keywords your competitors are using and ranking on. This will give you a good idea about what works for them and what doesn’t. There are some paid tools such a SpyFu that allow you to extract competitor keywords. However, that does not mean you use the same keywords that are being used by your competitors. SEO is also a global game, which means you have to look out for competitors globally. If you're an SEO company in London, you should be familiar with best practices of SEO companies in USA, UK and India too!

Maintain quality:

Ensure that the information on your website or web page is relevant to your business and the keywords you have used. There should be consistency in the quality of information and content available on the website. If your keywords are right but the quality of your content is poor, it is likely to be ineffective. Therefore, it is important that along with relevant keywords, you also provide relevant, unique and good quality content. Also, keep in mind to format your information in an organized manner. You could also consider adding rich media to go along with your content and to grab user attention quickly.

Encourage reviews:

When users leave reviews, they are likely to use the same keywords and phrases that your target audience uses. Reviews can have a big impact on SEO and in fact, they account for roughly 9.8% of the total ranking factors. This is an easy SEO tip that is fairly easy to implement. Doing this will also increase your credibility. It will also encourage other users to consider your products and services.

Be realistic & patient:

The final tip is to be realistic and patient. When done correctly, SEO takes time to show results. It can take up to 6 months for results to start showing up on SERP’s. But don’t lose hope! Once your SEO starts showing results, you will see that your traffic and visitors increase and also has a positive impact on sales and revenue generated.

These were our small business SEO tips. Remember to understand your target audience in order to give them the best experience. Are you ready to implement SEO for your small business? Need help with it? Leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you!

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