Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Website

Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Website

Morris Edwards
June 19, 2020

The scenario has changed a lot now!! Almost all marketing activities are conducted online. It has become complicated to find out the approx percentage of those who are using digital marketing to manage their online business.

Online retailers or eCommerce businesses should take advantage of the best digital marketing strategies to grow and promote their business. And, also, they are streamlining all of their days to day activities and allowing the customers or shoppers to shop anywhere and anytime. As it is a digital business, so, all of its execution has to be done digitally.

When it is about the eCommerce business, we cannot miss the prominent part, that is, eCommerce websites designing. This is where their business grows and survives. Indeed, you might be promoting your online business on Linkedin, Google, Yelp, Facebook, or on some different platforms ensuring that you are visible to everyone.

But, it is essential for online businesses to invest money and time in powerful marketing strategies to get fruitful results.

Approximately, there are 2.86 % of eCommerce websites to convert visitors into customers and from buyers to customers. Precisely, it implies that 1 out of 34 website visitors purchase everything online. With an increase in the digital landscape every day, you need to follow the best digital marketing strategies to capture the profitable results.

8 Digital Marketing Strategies to Thrive

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the owner of the eCommerce business, your visitors have to locate your website on the search engines. This is where SEO can help you. It makes your website rank higher on Google. It also incorporates the on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Neglecting this strategy, you cannot get noticed and no visitor can get aware of your online business on search engines.

For making your eCommerce website rank higher, you need to find out the phrases and keywords that most of the user searches. After finding the keywords, the page content should be optimized and keyword-oriented. Assure that the eCommerce website is properly updated with unique and related content.

The next notable aspect of search engine optimization is to secure backlinks to the page to perceive ranking. Giving the most useful content for the satisfying user experience is the fundamental key, And Google can discover whether the webpage is giving the best user experience or not.

The best user experience occurs with mobile responsiveness, faster load time, well-defined content and less coding. With improvement, the eCommerce website visibility improves and you will gain more leads and higher clicks.

Integrate Chatbot

With the tremendous growth of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots came into existence. It is the strategy that can either break or make your potential customers.

With 24X7 availability to the visitors, you are gaining their trust and allowing them to consider you for future projects. Chatbots allow you to resolve queries instantly whenever they ask. With the smooth experience, you are making their way towards purchasing. This 24X7 availability, it has become easy to chat with the visitors in a human manner and consecutively, providing a personalized experience to them.

This marketing strategy is not only a great customer service representative but also an excellent salesman. It offers up-selling options in real-time and enables the customers to know whether any deal or discount is available or not.

Content Marketing

We want to make it apparent that content marketing is not only about blogging, but it is also really helpful in getting your eCommerce business the great leads. Understand that the content on the website has to be reliable and relevant to the readers. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, then, your content has to be related to the latest products that are new in the beauty industry.

The users are more smarter now, they are looking for the new trends, the best products, knowledgeable content to purchase, and they find all on your website from the content itself.

By opting for this strategy, you can secure more visitors who like to purchase from you now and in the future as well. You do not need to spend a penny to create the content; the case might change if you want the copywriter to make and post the content on the website.

Mobile Friendly

According to the recent statistics, approximately 7% of the users prefer to make their purchase from the mobile. That clearly depicts that your eCommerce website has to be mobile-friendly. It is important to follow some of the points before making an online presence mobile-friendly.
The "Add-to-Cart" buttons should be easy to find and the check out process shouldn't be complicated.
The shopping cart needs to scroll effortlessly with the customer so that they do not have to scroll up to get it.

Google says that approximately 73% of the visitors leave the unfriendly mobile eCommerce website because they do not find it convenient to use on mobiles. So, without any doubt, you have to create a mobile-friendly eCommerce website to make the purchase process easy.

Email Marketing

Among all marketing strategies, email marketing is the best to secure potential customers. While interacting with the customers, you need to be extra cautious regarding the content added in the email and the users on the email list. While thinking about the content marketing strategies, the email is the most reliable way to get recent updates and posts by the users.

Via email, advertising the products by contests, discounts and coupons give beneficial results. You can also build the signup page for the eCommerce website and allow the users to signup with the emails for updating. Getting a subscription option with the emails for the interested and potential users also work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is responsible for making an influence on eCommerce sales. It holds the capacity to gather the information and use it appropriately to know how the customer will respond according to past behavior. Moderate metrics, like, the engagement rates, conversion rate, and bounce rates give valuable insights to the web site's effectiveness and how the users are using it.

You can collect data to offer the signs required to enhance the eCommerce website and it, therefore, boost loyalty and conversion rate. The more satisfying the customer's experience is, the more apt they are to return and promote products and present positive feedback.

The updated algorithms find out the products that the return customers want to buy and make it seamless for them to shop from your eCommerce website. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to enhance the back end logistics for customer satisfaction from buying to delivery.

Influencer Marketing

These types of strategies use the advertisement and product promotions from the influencers. While using influencer marketing, you need to get an influencer who is followed by potential customers and visitors.

The suggestions from the influencers regarding the products to purchase are considered as the social proof for the potential customers. The visitors or customers prefer to take advice from the influencers because of the trust they have established.

While thinking to opt for the influencer marketing strategy, consider that: it demands to find and pay them, achieve the budget and plans, choose the goals, analyze and change the strategy.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It is known as the internet marketing system following which you will pay for the number of clicks on the ads. PPC is also termed as the manner of buying visits to your website rather than waiting to earn organic traffic. Usually, it consists of three fundamental parts; the landing page, the offer, and the ad.

Considering to engage the utmost amount of leads, it is desirable that every part is in a synchronized manner. The aim of the landing page is to propose to the visitors regarding the product benefits. PPC could be in the form of Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Instagram.

When someone searches for the keywords they bid on, it enables advertisers to bid for ad positions on SERPs. For getting a higher position in the search engines, you need to contemplate other things, like, page title, page relevance, ad campaign quality, page title, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Digitization demands you to put some extra efforts into your eCommerce website for securing your position in search engines. Here, we have given you the top-notch strategies that you could implement right now to have visible results. Boost your purchases and experience more traffic to your online store.

Hopefully, we have encouraged you to up your game in the digital world!! If you have any doubt related, then ask us in the comment section below. Or, you have some suggestions then feel free to share your opinions with us!!
Thanks for reading!!

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