What are the Top Benefits of Decentralized Applications?

What are the Top Benefits of Decentralized Applications?

Ranjeet Kumar
April 21, 2020

Innovative technologies such as Blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing the way transactions are being handled all around the world. These trends have also led to the greater demand for decentralized applications as they are known to provide users with enhanced security and flexibility. An important factor about the success of Blockchain is that it is completely decentralized which makes it difficult for people to tamper with it. 

People who are involved with the sphere of Blockchain trading or anyone who is interested in related technology also prefer to use decentralized applications for the same reasons. The right kind of decentralized applications can actually contribute in major ways to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry. Many experts also believe that in the years to come, decentralized applications are going to enjoy much more widespread acceptance compared to the centralized applications.  

Already numerous software development companies in India are focusing their resources on coming up with high end decentralized applications that can strongly appeal to their national and international clients. This upgrading of their technological infrastructure can not only help the app developers in India to produce more enriching products to clients but also contribute to the growth of the Blockchain trading sector.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the benefits of decentralized applications. 

Decentralized applications offer enhanced safety and stability

Decentralized applications, or dApps as they are called are known to be safer, more secure and stable when compared to the traditional apps. The main reason for this is that they are completely devoid of any centralization. One of the reasons for which traditional apps face security breaches is that they have a central structure or point from which it is deployed. This makes them vulnerable to external attacks. The dApps are therefore highly autonomous, offer better resilience and security compared to classic apps. 

The dApps primarily employ different kinds of cryptocurrencies as their medium of exchange.  For this reason, dApps can enhance the adoption of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream in a major way. Therefore, smart and efficient App development can soon turn to be a more widespread practice in the world of app development services. The decentralized applications can also natively run on decentralized networks having trustless protocols. These apps use Blockchain technology to store data and records, making things extremely easier for the users. 

Decentralized applications are completely resistant to censorship 

One of the obstacles of using the traditional centralized applications is that they are susceptible to censorship by the people who are controlling and managing it. Decentralized applications can never have this problem. The coding that is used in these applications is completely open source and autonomously managed. The absence of an all-powerful and authoritarian corporation to govern the application means that it is resistant to censorship. The dApps can work as censorship resistant applications and therefore they give the control back to the users. This can definitely empower the people so that they can have complete control over the user experience that they have with the apps. The companies that specialize in decentralized app development can also help the users to decide how the app is going to function and evolve. 

Decentralized applications are not susceptible to central points of malfunctioning 

Decentralized applications do not have data flowing from a single central point which means that they have a distributed approach when it comes to their operations. All kinds of computational tasks are performed at the various nodes which mean that they completely eliminate the necessity of having a single operator. 

Additionally, none of the multiple entities or nodes is telling the other nodes what they should do. Hence, decentralized applications are free from the issues caused by downtimes. This also makes them more stable and easily accessible compared to the conventional centralized applications. Such an advantage actually ensures that the apps won’t be bogged down by any kind of localized issues such as physical damage to a server, virus and malware problems or other glitches. 

The concept of decentralization is becoming more and more popular these days as it is believed that it can resolve issues relating to lack of transparency, censorship, misuse of power as well as poor security. As many companies these days are choosing Blockchain app development for the innumerable benefits that they have to offer, the use of decentralized applications is going to be even more widespread.    

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