Top Ten Trends for Email Marketing in 2020

Top Ten Trends for Email Marketing in 2020

Michael Dehoyos
April 23, 2020

Email marketing is changing constantly. To keep your message at the forefront of your audience’s mind, you need to strive to create the greatest experience for them that you can.

In this article, we look at the top trends to look out for with email marketing in 2020:

1. Using Dark Mode

As more people move to switch their app settings to dark mode for late night scrolling, dark mode in email marketing is becoming more popular.

“Dark mode is particularly useful for people suffering with seasonal affective disorder, photophobia, and keratoconus,” explains Lisa Butler, a manager at 1day2write and Writemyx. “It also improves focus and saves battery life.”

These benefits make it a great idea to look at the possibility of creating sleek, darker email designs.

2. Next-Level Animations with APNG

Looped animations, like GIFs, can be a popular option at the moment if you want to spice up your email newsletters.

Soon, you will be able to use APNG animations to really help your emails stand out. These are extensions of the PNG format that are higher in quality and smaller file size. The only disadvantage is that they are not currently supported in Gmail, which only shows the first frame of the APNG.

3. Use 3D Graphics

You have lots of options to use impressive 3D graphics in your email newsletters. There is professional software available, like Blender or Poser, or even Photoshop. These will convert your 2D images into 3D visuals quite simply.

4. Think About Typography

Typography is almost considered to be art, as it uses the wording that you input and makes it a foundation for some beautiful graphics. You can no longer get away with simply emailing a set of words with a photo attached to get your audiences’ attention. Your words can become images themselves, so that your audience is drawn to the parts of the email that you want them to see.

5. Isometric Images

These images are 3D graphics that are drawn at a 30-degree angle to make a 3D representation of the design, but on a 2D surface. Using a clean design, isometric images can help you to show your products and photos off in a creative way to gain popularity with your audience.\

6. Integration Across Channels

By synchronizing your emails with your social media channels and other marketing campaigns, you can create unified offers for your customers. This will boost engagement and improve brand awareness and loyalty. This can sometimes come across as less personalized, so be sure to work with your marketing teams to set the right tone for this.

7. Minimalism

Over the past year, minimalism has drawn a lot of interest with audiences. The concept is around clearing personal space, bringing more joy and happiness int the home and decluttering your digital assets.

“Making simpler choices with your marketing style does not mean losing out on creativity,” says Diana Green, a marketer writer at Britstudent and NextCoursework. “You can experiment with colors, graphics and fonts.”

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a new technology that helps you to incorporate interactive elements into the body of your email. As a result, your customers don’t need to be directed to your website to carry out specific actions. They can do them directly inside the email in their inbox.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will empower you to create fully interactive and more dynamic content, such as product carousels, accordion features, surveys and animations. It speeds up engagement with your content as it is embedded directly into the email. Because of this, you are more likely to get a reaction from your subscribers as it is easy and fast.

9. Improving Automation

Automation helps you to build email sequences that react to your customer’s journey simply and with ease. These systems follow a set of rules and commands that you put in place and it just takes a few minutes to set up.

10. Mobile Marketing

Research has indicated that nearly half of all emails sent in 2019 were opened on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile compatibility is crucial to the success of your email marketing campaign. This trend is only set to rise so you so make sure to optimize all emails accordingly and create your emails with mobile users as the main recipient in mind.

Working as an editor for both PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits, Michael Dehoyos helps companies with their marketing strategies and writes for numerous sites, including Origin Writings.


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