Understand the Power of Social Media!

Understand the Power of Social Media!

December 4, 2017

When we talk about the reach of any brand or business today, we always tend to think about how well established they are in the online space. Social media is a key decision making factor when it comes to the marketing space of a running business. Social media is the crux of many businesses to market or promote their products. Businesses no longer resort to traditional media to promote their products or services. But social media is ever changing and evolves on a daily basis. Therefore, for any business trying to excel in the marketing space, it is imperative to fully understand the power of social media.

According to various studies, millions of users join different social media applications on a daily basis. Not only does this mean that every businesses audience is sitting online, but it also gives social media immense power to decide the trends of marketing and promotion for businesses and brands globally.

Here’s why social media is the most powerful tool our there for promotion:

Extensive reach

The best thing about social media and digitization of most processes is the fact that reaching millions of readers and users is a matter of seconds. The ability for a brand to push out a message in less than a minute is mind-boggling. Why? Because this digitization and migration to the online world are often compared to the old techniques of traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and radios. When it comes to social media, there are no barriers of age, gender, time or even geography. Anybody with an internet connection and a device will be able to interpret the message put out by a business or brand.

This feature of social media is what makes everything so quick. This is what makes content go viral. How else would you get a million views in a day? With social media at a distance of one click, you can possibly make your voice reach out to almost everywhere to audience belonging to whichever part of the world.

Grows your business online

Engaging with thousands of readers or customers at once has become easy. Putting up a single post can get a business engagement from all their customers. This helps brands to constantly grow their business online. With every piece of content uploaded by a business, they are getting a certain amount of clicks, shares, comments or likes by their audience. This activity is exponentially exposed to friends of friends in the online space. Thanks to such connectivity, for a business to grow and establish a strong social media presence, could be a matter of months.

Attract more visitors

As we mentioned above, engagement from a single user is passed on to more people online. This happens through showcasing a single user's activity with a brand of business in the online space. For example, if your friend on Facebook engages with a post published by Nike, his activity pops up on your news feed. Not only is this giving Nike more exposure, but chances are, you may also interact with Nike hereafter. This is how businesses attract more visitors by constantly engaging with their users on social media.

Having friends recommend your brand

Word of mouth is considered the best method of advertising. And when a friend recommends you something, your first instinct would be to check it out on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

Social media has made it easier for people to identify, locate and search for businesses. When a friend or an influencer talks about a certain brand or product through their social media profile – it is considered a recommendation. When this is done professionally or on a larger scale, you can call it influencer marketing, where a celebrity or somebody famous recommends a particular brand, product or service to their entire follower base.

Can spread out a word in no time

Social media gives you an upper hand to market or make an announcement about the business or any services within no time. Like we said above, disseminating information or messages to millions of users is a matter of seconds. This is also made easier through features like Facebook Live or Instagram Stories and is great to use when businesses or brands are launching a new product or making an important announcement.

Can always ask for help

Being on social media, you can always ask for an opinion or suggestions from your follower base. For example, if Nike asked a question to their 75.3 million followers, those users are bound to give their suggestions. A great way to get opinions and valuable feedback from your users and audience is to make use of polls or votes.

Can provide solutions to problems

In traditional marketing, it’s rather difficult to solve a customer’s problems in real time. This is where social media wins! With instant messaging on your fingertips, getting in touch with the biggest of a brand with your problems and concerns is made easy. Something as simple as getting in touch with Nike’s customer service team can be done through their social media pages. Not only is this great for a user of a particular brand, but also great for the brand itself to handle complaints, issues, and problems in a timely manner.

To conclude, social media has everything to do with a brand’s presence – online or offline. To truly establish themselves as a successful brand, they must have a great presence on social media. And with so many benefits for both the brand and the users – it’s a no-brainer to be well established online.

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