Unique Business Names: How to come up with Company Name Ideas

Unique Business Names: How to come up with Company Name Ideas

December 24, 2019

When you are planning your startup, apart from many other considerations, that demand a deeper insight, one that should take precedence is your business name. Your business name will form your identity and is the first point of contact with your visitors. Not only that, if it is thoughtful and interesting, chances are bright that it will be remembered.

Your business name has a significant impact on how your brand will be placed in the minds of your customers. It makes a lot of sense to invest your time in working out unique business name ideas. Then you need to pick the one that not only resonates with the minds of your customers but also give you an edge over your competitors.

Let us find out the right ingredients in the brand name selection, that will make the right impact and send the right signals to the market.

Brand Name Selection Tips

Your business name is the first step to your branding. You have to understand the fact that it carries a message and a loud one. It is the one signal that you also send out to your competitors that yes, you have arrived. Let us now study the why part.

  • Impact: Nothing that is ordinary catches your eye. This is the human tendency to overlook the ordinary. But it seems to have been picked by Google equally well as it makes use of ‘brand signals’ for segregating quality websites from others. This will make a huge difference to the way your website is perceived by Google and of course, may also go to affect its ranking. Apart from this, the name that stays, is the name that is different and catchy. But at the same time, you cannot lose context. You have to stay relevant to what your business is all about.
  • SEO-Based: Yes you read that right. The world nowadays lives online, and people make innumerable searches to get to what they are looking for. You already know that survival in this growing expanse requires that you play by the rules. You cannot afford to miss on the visibility and relevance. Keywords you know will do the trick for you as you progress. How about using the most searched ones in your industry as your brand name? Think! It will connect you to almost all the searches that include that keyword irrespective of the fact what you actually offer.
  • Clarity: A vital aspect that is often missed. Most commonly floating unique business name ideas flooding the internet are ambiguous. They are catchy, they might also be memorable and fun but they lack a vision. Thus, they cannot just be picked by your business like that. You have to work around them and tweak them to fit in your brand ethos. Always remember, do not send mixed messages to your customers. One way forward to prepare a list of those words that match your business persona and then start to brainstorm. Chances are high that you get to the aptest one soon.
  • Memorable: Yes it has to be memorable. Easy, fun and simple brand names are the ones that stay on in the memory. Do not make your name too wordy. One way is to tie your name around the emotion or the sensation that your business will create in the market. Anything that works on the emotion, will be remembered. So the use of everyday words generates more appeal than unusual names.
  • Simple yet trendy: Unlike the common notion that anything that is simple cannot be trendy, we like to state that trend has nothing to do with simplicity. Infact, simplicity is never out of fashion. By being simple here we mean that do not go for heavy words. Try to be in the routine of your target audience. Now, try to work out similarities between the sizzle you plan to create in the market and the vibe of your audience. Try to match their wavelengths and come up with something interesting.

Thus the selection of a unique brand name that resonates with your audience, tells your brand story and also is simple, and effective will need time and patience. You should have clarity in approach, your business ethos, vision, and persona. If you have got this part right then you can now look at catching the vibe of your audience. Alternatively, you can also use a business name generator websites, like Namelix, Novanym, Brandroot, etc. Work on it if you want it to work for you!

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