Upcoming Trends in Digital Marketing

Upcoming Trends in Digital Marketing

December 28, 2020

A company website and a Facebook page were more than enough to keep up with the digital marketing trends not so long ago. But today, the same feels like something from the medieval age. That's how fast digital marketing has evolved, and to keep up, your business also needs to incline with the upcoming trends in digital marketing. 

According to Emarketer, 60% of digital marketers create one or more pieces of content each day. With content consistency, it's easier to keep up with digital marketing trends. You should follow a similar approach for your business too. 

Here are some digital marketing trends you need to be ready for in 2021: 

1. Personalized Email Marketing Campaign 

Emails find their way into our inbox for several reasons. The latest trend in email marketing concentrates on crafting personalized emails. You can personalize the email content based on the user's geolocation and using specific names.

As per PinPointe, you can boost your email marketing campaign's open rate by 35% when you use specific names in the email. Engage with email recipients like your friends and create conversational content to strengthen the B2C bond. 

2. Visual Content is Key

You're on the right track if your digital marketing strategy focuses on fostering visual content. Videos, in particular, have become a trendsetter in the world of internet marketing. If you have ignored video content all this while, it's high time to introduce it in your content strategy. 

Digital Marketing Institute informs that 52% of consumers agree that video content guides their online purchasing decisions and helps build trust with a brand. Influencer marketing, combined with live streaming, will rule the visual content niche for years to come. 

A digital marketing agency focuses on creating brand story videos, product explainers, live Q&A sessions, etc., for your company. 

3. User Engagement Stays Strong

User engagement isn't a new concept. It's a pivotal aspect of any marketing strategy, let alone digital marketing. Brands have always made efforts to interact with their target audience to increase awareness and entrust their users. 

A study done by Outgrow informs that 93% of marketers claim interactive content is best for educating the buyers about their products and services. You can organize quizzes, run polls, create augmented reality ads, etc., to increase user engagement.  

4. Omnichannel Marketing Strategy 

An omnichannel marketing approach helps you connect with consumers on various digital touchpoints. These platforms include emails, apps, blogs, and many more. 

According to ClickZ, an omnichannel marketing strategy drives three times more engagement than a single-channel approach. More channels imply more leads, which invariably leads to increased revenue and higher conversions. 

You're able to share a cohesive brand message across various platforms. An omnichannel strategy also informs you about the best channel for your brand and the ones that need an upgrade in content quality. So, it's a win-win situation for you. 

5. Don't Skip Voice Search 

Voice search is different from textual Google search because of the keywords involved. For example, most users would type, "digital marketing trends" but would speak, "what are the latest digital marketing trends." These slight changes make a world of difference to the outcome.

According to The Digital, more than 46% of consumers use voice search daily for searching businesses around them. So, it's a no brainer to formulate your digital marketing strategy by considering the long-tail keywords of voice search. 

An online marketing company needs to adopt a voice search approach to create an optimized user experience journey. The same would help foster healthier relationships and build trust among the users. 

To Conclude 

Things move fast in the digital world. Today's tech-savvy consumers won't settle for anything less than what they're getting from other brands. 

To keep up with the latest trends, personalize your email marketing campaign and focus on creating quality visual content. Increase interaction with your consumer base through polls, giveaways, etc., and don't restrict your campaign to a single channel. 

Adopt an omnichannel approach and pay attention to the voice search trends to prepare for your business for the customers of tomorrow. 

Which digital marketing trends do you feel would dominate 2021? Express your views in the comments section. Click here to write a Guest Post for us. 

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