Veera Rasa: The Rasa of Courage

Veera Rasa: The Rasa of Courage

December 12, 2014

Veera  (Heroic)

BHAVA: Utsaha

MEANING: Heroism

COLOUR: Pale Orange

Veera is heroism. It represents fearlessness, self-assurance, determination & valor. Strength and guts are the trademarks of a Veer or a fearless person.  Boldness in battle, the attitude with which martyrs go to war, and the gallantry with which they die are all aspects of heroism. To fight disgust, one needs Valor. To become a hero doesn't need shining weapons; heroism should be in body and soul.

How Veera Rasa works in Advertising:

In advertising the Advertiser must show the moment of fear or illustrate someone stuck in a tough situation without a clear path forward. The communication must be based on the perception that when challenged with fear, one has only two choices – run away from the situation or face it.  These types of Advertisements focus on what lies beyond fear and how it can be constructively used as a steppingstone to success.

What Veera Rasa Driven Advertisements Convey:

Advertisements that are knit around the veer rasa are usually meant to give out the following messages:

  • Enjoy the thrill of overcoming obstacles.
  • Do not be cast down by failure; instead enjoy the excitement of solving the problem.
  • Be involved in finding solutions to community problems.
  • Get involved in speaking up against injustice and resist evil.

Examples of Veera Rasa In Advertising:

The Mountain Dew TVC  'Darr ke aage JEET Hai' is one of the ads that are based on Veera Rasa. This campaign has found tremendous empathy amongst the youth of India. They have understood it, internalized it and loved it.

Another example of ‘Nirma’ detergent's TVC that shows the lead ladies getting their hands dirty while pushing out an ambulance stuck in a pit; a very empowering ad for women celebrating their spirit in a very intelligent way, with the use of the same catchy jingle in contemporary times.

Everybody and everything in this universe is interlinked and interdependent. Dependence only becomes a problem when we have insufficient courage to conduct our duties. We may then become dependent on others who in turn are not dependent on us. The Courage Rasa Veera brings in us a strong desire for freedom; it enables us to fight the want and need to be dependent on others and overcome all that we fear.

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