5 Smart Ways to Improve your Web Presence in 2021

5 Smart Ways to Improve your Web Presence in 2021

May 6, 2021

The advent of social media and easy access to the internet has changed the way consumers perceive and interact with brands. Today, your products and services are just a click away, but the same also applies to your competitors. Therefore, it’s critical to work on your web presence and continue to improve it over time.

You also need to upgrade the existing web presence strategy to redefine your brand’s digital footprint. Digital trends continue to alter the consumer’s behavior, and only those who can adapt can survive in this competitive marketplace.

Here are five smart ways through which you can boost your web presence:

1. Host an Optimized Website

Having an optimized business website is a virtual necessity in 2021. In fact, you need to go the extra mile by optimizing it further for mobile devices too. As per Statista, more than 50% of the total web traffic now comes from smartphone devices. It’s a mandatory step to improve your overall website presence and has a vital role in offering a flawless user experience too. 

You can use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool to analyze your website’s performance and modify it accordingly. Ensure that apart from being highly responsive, the website doesn’t compromise on the security front too. It’s critical to maintain data integrity, and no cost-cutting should be done with regards to cybersecurity.

2. Streamline your Social Media Channels

Social media synchronization reflects your attentiveness and the importance you give to your social followers. If you’re posting regularly on one social media platform while ignoring the others, you might end up losing your credibility on that platform. According to Datareportal, there are more than 4 billion social media users, and they continue to rise exponentially. 

Analyze the performance of various social media platforms specific to your business and finalize the channels you want to continue with. Posting quality content regularly on all the social media channels (your preferred ones) can significantly boost your web presence.

3. Collaborate with Other Brands

Brand collaborations and an increase in your reach go hand-in-hand. When two brands collaborate, there’s an effective exchange of audience pools, and you should never miss an opportunity to partner with another brand for a mutually benefiting purpose. 

A survey by Partnerize informs that more than 50% of marketers agree that brand collaboration is an effective way of increasing sales and revenue. Improving your network is a critical strategy to build your web presence in the modern era, and you get all of that and more via brand partnerships.

4. Create Engaging Content Consistently

Today, you can be everywhere at all times, thanks to the internet. So, why miss an opportunity to interact with your target audience through your content? Ask them for feedback, run polls, discuss your projects – it’s all possible as long as you create engaging content for your consumers. 

As per Sprout Social, 45% of consumers stop engaging with a brand if they come across irrelevant content. So, brainstorm with your team to devise the perfect content calendar for your content marketing strategy. If done the right way, you can enjoy a significant inflow of new users, and the same will also reflect in your overall web presence.

5. Leverage Online Ads

Be it for increasing brand awareness, score sales, or boost social media traffic – you can do it all through online advertising. It’s a paid advertising model but gives you the flexibility to set your budget instead of a fixed subscription plan. You can target users based on their age, location, behavior, and more.

According to Google, around 90% of total internet users come across paid ads on their search engine. So, you can drive leads to your website or social media channels by leveraging online ads based on the user’s search intent.

To Conclude

Building a sustainable web presence is a strategic process and doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have an optimized website alongside a credible social media presence. Ensure that you never miss an opportunity to partner with other brands and continue to create engaging content for your consumers.

Also, utilize online ads to drive leads to your website and social media handle. Just like that, you can also build a credible online presence for your business. Click here to get in touch with us and take things forward.

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