What is Social Media Engagement and why is it Important?

What is Social Media Engagement and why is it Important?

November 26, 2019

Online has become another world, a new planet. It has transformed our lives and changed everything around us. It has become a new address for everyone alike, a new underlying similarity that has connected people from all over the world and brought them closer. There is a lot of activity, a lot of buzz. And, the best part is that this expanse is growing. It knows no end. People often forget to catch up with their families sitting at home, but do not forget to check the latest feed on their profiles. Such great is the pull that it seems like a new virtual gravitational force. Well, we are not here to calculate the science around it, but yes what we mean is business.

Now, let's talk in numbers. Why? Because they always substantiate the pockets of mind that words fail to recognize. In this case, they might just blow it off. So, hold on tight as you roll your eyes over these highly exciting numbers.

Did you know that as of 2019, there are around 4.388 billion internet users in the world, and 3.484 billion of them have their recorded presence on social media? Whoa!!!

This is huge. And, if you still want more, then how about knowing the fact that the number of mobile phone users has reached a figure of 5.112 billion this year. Imagine! Just sit back, close your eyes, and imagine the scope that is waiting out there. You will be dismayed.

You have no idea how far this can take you in business. There are people and more and more of them, online. Sitting, chatting, watching videos, responding to different stuff, all basically in for a good time. When something of their interest crops up, there is typically nothing that can stop them. Now, this is the power of your marketing that you are able to attract them and take them to your landing page.

Ultimately, you are dealing with people and you have to be where you find your customers.  You have to talk about what they want to hear, present what they like and sell what they want to buy. It's simple. Also, businesses can no longer afford to play the hero in their marketing campaigns. The crown has been passed to the customers. You have to empower them and relate to their interests. You have to go where the magic is and create your vibe.

This is what marketing has been all about and what social media marketing has been all about. You have to reach your customers and become a part of their lives. The idea is to connect so deeply that they know no escape and no other way. You become the answer to their problems. A one-stop solution for all their problems.

Is there any particular social media strategy that has to be worked on?

Yes, a strategy always pays off. It helps to organize and streamline the work. It helps to set standards and workable targets. Hence, you should have realistic marketing goals. Next is to understand your audience. As discussed above, this cannot be overlooked. You need to know someone to connect. Tracking online engagement of your target audience, generating exciting content that makes a difference and triggers an emotion is a must but what is even more important is to keep a watch on the competitor strategy. This is purely business and it is absolutely fair to outsmart your competitors by doing things that they did well in a much better way.

That’s how it works. As far as posting is concerned, it works to have specific post timings. These have to be worked out as per the social media behavior of your audience. Imagine if you are posting at times that are different than when your customers' login. Of course, your posts will not be checked by them. The whole effort falls flat.

Timing is thus important and cannot be missed. Also, keep track of the results. Nothing is certain in both the physical and the virtual world. So, no matter how good the strategy is or how well you chalk out everything, there are chances that the campaign does not perform well. So, you cannot measure success by your effort but by the metrics. Hence, keep a track of your posts, campaigns and all messaging. This will help you gauge the best from the rest.

Social media marketing is not essential for success but survival. If you are not on social media, you can start counting your days in business. It is that simple. There is no rocket science in this. Everything starts and ends for a reason. The reason for business is profit and that only follows happy customers. So, you have to feel the pulse of your customers and there is no better way than social media to do that. 
Try it out if you haven’t already and share your experience.

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