What is the Future of Virtual Reality Technology?

What is the Future of Virtual Reality Technology?

March 4, 2019


Virtual reality technology is the next big thing in the future. It actually already is. Virtual reality has made its way into our life through games, interactive movies and even in amusement parks. It’s no surprise that users today can interact with different elements and travel to different places which seem real.

The term virtual means something that is not existing physically and reality is what we experience in our lives. Whether it’s flying in the sky like a bird or swimming with a whale, all is possible with this technology. You can actually get to live in the virtual 3-D world. Virtual Reality Technology in short, has simply made it much easier for us to live our dreams.

In recent times, the applications of Virtual Reality have increased significantly in gaming, 3-D cinema, education and scientific research.

How does Virtual Reality Technology work?

Virtual Reality Technology works with several devices interconnected with each other. Components like headsets, game controller and smartphone/computer together let you experience virtual reality.

After wearing Head-Mounted Display (HMD) that resembles a helmet and consists of two small screens, a 3-D image is created which takes the user into a completely different world. This activity is known as head-tracking. In whichever direction you move your head or walk, the visuals in front of you will shift accordingly.

Using headsets which have a small screen attached to it, the user gets completely immersed into the virtual reality environment. Now, you can jump from the mountains while sitting in the office in real time!

In some places, there are large rooms with big screens which have been specially designed to enhance the experience.

How Virtual Reality will change the future?

  1. Exploring Places

If you don’t feel like going out but still want to visit some place, it’s all possible now with Virtual Reality. Let’s say you want to visit a museum but cannot because of laziness or geographical constraints, virtual reality technology can help you with that and give you the best experience.

  1. Performing Surgery

Doctors and trainee surgeons can benefit a lot from this technology. They can practice medical activities like surgeries using virtual reality.

This helps them to perform the surgery in a better way by allowing them to work virtually on a dummy specimen suffering from ailments. By using the headset and a motion sensing controller they can virtually work on a dummy human. Thus, having a real-time experience without harming a real human/animal. Just like the surgeon simulator 2013, a game compatible with virtual reality technology. 

  1. Predicting Natural Disaster

It’s quite difficult for emergency responders to predict natural disasters. Virtual Reality Simulator makes it easy by training the responders on rescue procedures and giving real-time information like briefings and newscasts.

It has improved human efficiency by predicting accurate results. This is one such technology which if used wisely has the potential of saving human lives.

  1. Virtual Shopping Malls

Virtual malls will be set up in the near future for those who love online shopping but miss the pleasure of walking and window shopping. Just put on the special headset like Oculus Rift and it will take you to the virtual mall where you can enjoy shopping by sitting at your home/office or anywhere.

Virtual reality applications are currently used in different fields like entertainment, education, marketing, construction, healthcare, robotics, gaming, scientific research and many more. Moreover, it’s paving a way to digital marketing for better understating the products by displaying 3D images. However, the scope of virtual reality can be validated only with time.

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