What is User Interface?

What is User Interface?

July 5, 2009
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The user interface is a web page of a site. It consists into different sections mainly like logo, header, top navigation, main image, left panel, introduction text, featured images, submission forms, bottom navigation, copyright, etc..The users interact with these interfaces to get information from the website.They give command by clicking menu buttons or submitting forms.The user interfaces helps in explaining the flow of any website program or company business. The poorly designed interfaces adds very little value to any business program. The website also can't generate leads if interfaces are not designed effectively. It should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, interactive, use color scheme as per the industry type and visually impressive. The homepage should be designed completely by placing all main information, navigational links, intro text, highlight latest happenings, main products as per the project type, so that users will not leave the site frequently.The call to action buttons should be there on homepage and inner pages so that users must know the next step to follow in any website. Each and every interface should have at least one primary call to action like "Call Now: Toll Free No.", "Sign Up Now", "Download Now", etc.. The call to action button should be big and highlighted with different color. It should be placed where the user can find it easily. The language use in call to action should be short and to the point. The call to action really helps in improving conversion rate on the website.Design interfaces effectively by using web friendly fonts as specified by World Wide Web consortium. The example of fonts are "sans-serif" normal fonts - Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Verdana; "serif" normal fonts - Times, Times New Roman, New Century, etc.. The font size commonly used is 11, 12 pixels as per the design layout and for users comfort. It would be great to use font sizes in %, in this case font size adjusted according to user's screen resolution.Each and every interface should be well optimized for Search Engines. Search focused keywords to optimize the interfaces. It helps in increasing the ranking of website on search engines. The web-pages should be validated from W3C.org. It helps in improving the quality of complete website. The validated web pages load fast and quickly indexed by search engines.The user interface should include total user experience which includes the aesthetic design with good color scheme, impressive images, useful content, call to actions, simple navigation that easily explains the business logics, encourage first time visitors and convert them into leads.

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