What Kind of Content to Share on Social Media

What Kind of Content to Share on Social Media

October 11, 2017

Confused about what content to share on social media next? We all want to share the latest news, the most trendy/viral content, or the best-hidden ideas that followers would not have found yet.

To make your page/news feed look refreshed and powered up, you need to be posting creative, useful and informative content that makes your news feed more interesting. To devise an engaging social media campaign, you need to grab the pulse of your readers and post related content.  

So, here are some social media promotion ideas to help you curate the content your target audience would love to engage with:

What inspires you?

Discuss what inspires you. Share inspirational images or quotes. Be a source of inspiration for others. Post content that you know will inspire your reads and heighten their level of trust in your brand.

Share a success story

Sharing a success story will reveal the journey of your brand, the hurdles you faced and how you started off with your business campaigns. This can inspire your team as well as your readers and give everyone a confidence boost.

Share a resource

Recently read a resourceful article? Share it! Your readers can benefit from articles you find useful. Traffic is steered towards where you get something informative and you can add something to your knowledge base. Sharing blogs is the easiest way to broadcast your social media marketing services.

Add humor

Sharing something funny make your audience believe that your brand is more than just plain boring business. Add humor to a true story and keep things light to be at par with the lively spirit of your community.

Services/products that work

Talk about your products or services on social media, but remember not to be aggressive. Make use of social media to make your audience aware about your brand and what it’s all about. Make an effort to understand the basics of social media marketing strategies. You can also share your favorite products and services with your audience.

Interactive posts/ contests

How does one keep up with engagement on social media? A post that is interactive and keeps your audience engaged is the formula to keep your readers excited. You can start with polls and online contests that give your audience a way to share their opinion about a topic aligned with your business. Start with analyzing what is trending, what is it that interests your users the most is. Engaging with your audience is an opportunity to build trust and also to gather valuable feedback to improve your products and services.

Add a personal touch

Users or readers don’t want to be talking to robots. You must add a human or personal touch to your content to let your audience know that you’re just like them! Readers may not always like a formal tone. It may get you traffic initially but will fade away with time.

Sharing infographics

Infographics are the best way to grab a reader’s attention. They definitely attract people more than written content does. To be a brand that posts interesting content, use high quality graphics that explain your services or other topics aligned with your brand.

A business that needs to flourish on social media, needs to be well aware of the social media etiquettes for business. Before starting off with a social media campaign for your business, understand your reader’s interest and requirements that will steer them to your website.  Give your readers ample reasons to come back to your website time and again. You should be able to maintain your sales pitch in such a way that it does not hinder the traffic that is generated towards your website.


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