What Makes a Brand go Viral in the Marketing Domain!

What Makes a Brand go Viral in the Marketing Domain!

November 10, 2017

Social media influencers and viral marketing ideas help a business to have a better social media presence. 

Marketing in the digital world is not a cake walk! A business that is able to post quality content that goes viral online is always benefited well. 

Viral content is traffic driven and reaches out to a mass of people within no time. A few viral marketing ideas can help enhance your online presence on various marketing domains. These viral marketing practices will give you a better idea about how to save you time and money online.

Here are few tips to make your content go viral online:

Generate media attention:

In the digital marketing world, it becomes difficult for businesses to grab media attention. You can't really predict if something will go viral or not; you can, but, do your best to create quality content which is unique, creative, and interesting. 

To start off, the organization needs to focus primarily on the values of your brand & services. Once your posts and your business gets popular, all you have to do is maintain your brand image to your customers. 

Write original:

A content that is rich in quality, authenticity, and contains all the essential facts and figures, will be more effective in making the customers stick to your brand. Keep the content simple so that readers are able to understand the language and make sure that you incorporate some eye catchy terms. 

Effective usage of visuals:

The famous quote “Images speak louder than words” stands true even now!

The quality of the graphics that we use and where we incorporate them into our content matters a lot. Try to keep the graphics appealing, make sure it aligns with the content and conveys the message it is supposed to.

Be clear how you want your readers to react:

Every business has a motive for being on social media. While you create content you must know what you want your readers to do. Knowing what the end action that you want the viewer to take helps keep the eye on the ball.

This all depends on what message you are delivering via your posts. Once you are super sure about what you want your Call to Action to achieve, think over and write a motivating CTA that has the potential to deliver.

Your CTA has to be crisp, and clear, and should guide the readers to the next action that is to be taken.

Auditing is necessary:

Measuring an action is really important. Successful businesses practice fewer trial and error methods and regularly audit their websites.

In the marketing domain where every step has some reaction or the other, it becomes necessary to track and analyze whether initiating a particular change/action has brought any change in your brand’s image or not.

Having contact with a social media influencer:

An influencer is someone who has a certain level of followers in a particular industry and has an influencing power due to this.

A social media influencer, who can endorse your brand is an add-on for your brand. The popularity and fame of an influencer matter a lot. Typically, small businesses prefer following micro influencers, as micro influencers themselves are looking for ways to get good quality content and hence become more popular.

Look out for fake influencers though, they might have a high number of followers but next to no engagement on their posts.

Target audience:

The type of content that you are writing should be in sync with the nature of your business. It is very important that your content reaches the target audience, otherwise, the purpose of writing good quality content is defeated.

You should be able to recognize your target audience. Clear messages conveyed to the right reader can increase result. Some online marketing tools also help businesses to recognize their niche audience based on demographics, professional background etc. 

Appropriate social media platform:

Big brands have an excellent social media presence on almost every social media platform, but that might not also work for you.

There is no point in having a social media presence for your business on every platform, when you know that a particular social media platform is not even meant for your business or audience. Thus, it is for you to realize what platforms are even meant for your business.

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