What Makes A Good One Page Website Design?

What Makes A Good One Page Website Design?

March 25, 2022

For users it is easy to explore a one page website template, especially on mobile or tablet devices. Want to know “What is a one page website?” Well, a one-pager website is a website in which entire content is available on the same webpage. Basically, it has no extra pages like ‘About Us’ or ‘Services’ page.

To make a good one page website design, one must include attractive visuals, keeping in mind user experience is not disturbed. Furthermore, an ideal one page website template is one that provides a clear and fast reader experience, smooth scrolling, and must be all device friendly. Are you looking for ways to make the best single-page business website? If so, this article is perfect for you. Do read the blog till the end to create the perfect one page website template ever.

Here’s a list of 6 easy to follow ways of designing an amazing single-page website:

1. Choose the Right Font & Color

Forget the days when bold and huge fonts were used. Minimal use of colors and fonts is in trend these days. To design a one page business website, try going with lighter shades and formal-looking fonts. The color you choose must complement the background. Furthermore, keep in mind that many displays can distort the shades, leaving a neon tone look. These sorts of colors are well perceived by the eyes. Some one page website examples are:

  • Use blue and white colors for business websites.
  • Green and black or red and black for gaming website.
  • ‘Open Sans’ font gives a neutral look whereas ‘Game Over’ is the most used font for gaming-related designs.

2. Make Quality Scrolling Experience

Designers must pay attention to scrolling quality. Aside from top to bottom scrolling, you can also add automatic ways that land the user directly to the middle or bottom of the page. Furthermore, you can also try out the parallax scrolling effect. It makes the background image move slower as compared to the front elements. Additionally, you can replace vertical scrolling with a horizontal one.

3. Make It Mobile Friendly

50% of website traffic comes from mobile users. So, if you are designing a one page website template, make sure it is mobile-friendly. While making web pages through readymade WordPress or CMS platforms, you may have to face a lot of issues with the mobile version. So, another choice is to design a good one page business website from scratch. By doing so, you can make an adaptive template that will scale automatically with a better mobile user experience.

4.  Add Multimedia

One of the best options to tell what your brand offers is by using visuals on your one-page website. Irrespective of how perfect your content is, if your website has lengthy text - it is a boring site. So, to make it interesting, try using multimedia. In addition to text, add videos, photos, and sliders to attract readers. Further, users tend to spend more time on websites with videos, thus increasing your website’s screen time. Whereas, with slideshows, you can show multiple photos in a quick time frame.

5. Make It an Easy-To-Use Navigation

Even if the scrolling option is available, some users still look for a search bar. So, try adding a navigation option to keep the website user-friendly. Navigation assists the user to access specific information about your offerings. Further, by using anchor links, you can use the navigation to make the user jump to different sections on the same page. In this area, webflow experts have extensive knowledge and experience, making them ideal partners to collaborate with for creating sophisticated, user-friendly navigation tailored to your site's specific needs.

Also, limit redirecting the user to external websites as it will create confusion and the user will think it’s a wrong link. Moreover, if you want visitors to get redirected to other sites, use icons and let them know where they are being directed to. Such redirection from one page website examples includes adding social media icons such as Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

6. Create a Working CTA

One of the important things website developers must consider is to work on CTA (Call To Action). CTA is a graphics-based element that encourages the user to make a few actions, such as buy, subscribe, download, etc. To make an effective CTA, make sure it is logical, intuitive, and concise. Your site’s CTA must be visually remarkable against the other graphical elements on your webpage. Moreover, it is ideal to fit CTA in separate buttons.

To Conclude

A best-looking one page website template can provide all the information that a user needs quickly. The scope of one page website examples and ideas is very wide. Even if you have sufficient knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3, there is no guarantee you can get a good conversion rate. So, why not try making a cool one page website design and give a better view to the users, indirectly increasing the conversion rate! Moreover, to make the designing of a one-page website hassle-free, you can also reach out to digital marketing agencies and get it ready at a pocket-friendly price!

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