Why eCommerce Conversion rate is Low and How to Fix it

Why eCommerce Conversion rate is Low and How to Fix it

Albert David
April 15, 2020

Truth be told, making money via your eCommerce portal isn’t the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, you might be putting in great deal of effort, but are still unable to crack a sale. It is frustrating, but the fact of the matter is, if your eCommerce portal is unable to sell out products, you are not just losing out on profits, but are also losing on the money employed in factors like material cost, product cost, labor cost, as well as the other costs that go into the running and functioning of your eCommerce store.

Does this situation sound familiar to you? If yes, we are certain that you might have considered selling out your eCommerce store. Don't worry, we're here to help you out! In this article, we’ll discuss with you some common and fixable errors that you are committing. These might have had a drastic impact on your sales. We’ll also suggest a few changes that can help improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce portal.

Why your eCommerce Conversion Rate might be Low

Low Quality Product Images

Gargi, who offers online accounting assignment help, says that the first and the foremost thing that potential customers notice about your products is the pictures. If the pictures are bad, the business will lose its credibility. If that happens, the customers wouldn’t trust you enough to shop from you. On the other hand, if the product photos used by you are good, they’ll not only boost your sales but also have customers think highly of you. Further, in the high-quality pictures, the customers are able to see the details of the products. It can automatically result in improving sales.  

Let’s understand this further. When a customer is shopping online, he doesn’t get to physically handle the product. When that doesn’t happen, there’s always a bit of uncertainty associated with the product. However, when you clearly display the details of the products, the customer feels a lot more confident in investing in your product. Mathew, who offers online do my assignment services, says that instead of a single picture, it is always a good idea to put pictures of a product from different angles. Additionally, if you are selling clothes, you should click pictures of the garment with a model wearing it. It makes it easier for the customer to imagine how it would look on them.

Shipping Cost

If you think that charging excessively high shipping fee doesn’t make a difference, then you are wrong. Studies reveal that websites that show high-conversion checkouts usually offer free shipping on their products. Chloe, who recently had to pay for research paper writing services, says that she has left tons of products in the cart because of the high shipping fee charged.

To make this work, you can state a minimum order quantity on your products and offer free shipping over and above that amount. This is bound to increase sales for your company.

You have a slow site

Consider a situation where you were browsing a really slow site. Did you stick around on that site for long, or did you abandon it in a few minutes? I can guess the latter must have happened. Linda, who offers the best data science online course, says that in today’s time and age, nobody has the patience to wait around on a slow site. Following the study conducted by Unbounce, about 20% of the customers leave the website if the pages on your website take too long to load. Hence, you should take the loading speed seriously, and consciously take measures to fix it, if the speed is slow. There could be multiple reasons for the site being slow. Some of the common reasons include:

  1. There are way too many plugins on your website.
  2. The images are very large.
  3. Catching isn’t enabled on your website.

Now, certain things can be done to fix this. These include:

  1. Deactivating the current plugins.
  2. Using only compressed images on your website.
  3. Enabling caching on the website. When the caching is enabled, your website will load faster.

Please note that these aren’t the only problems that could be hampering the speed. There could be many other reasons too. Hence, if your website isn’t working fine, you can consult your site developer.

Shoppers are unable to trust your business

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you are searching for a table online. If you start your search with Etsy, which are the sellers that you are more likely to trust? Jacob, who offers online professional research paper writing service, says that whenever he is shopping online, he usually shops from the first seller that is showcased. It is the pattern that 90% of us follow. This is so because the first seller usually has more reviews and a better rating than the others.

People trust reviews and ratings because:

  1. Reviews are a representation of real use.
  2. They are far less likely to be biased.
  3. They give visitors the confidence that they need.

Ricky, who works with EduWorldUSA, says that the reason he associates with any online portal is not only because of their supreme-quality product but also because of the excellent customer support service. Thus, you need to really step up to ensure that your customers give you positive feedback. But, what if you are doing everything that it takes and still not getting positive feedback? You can try to encourage people to review your product or service online after purchasing it. To do this, you should send out a personalized message to every customer with a thank you note. You can even give them an incentive to review your product, like a credit point or something. However, in no way should you try and pressurize the customers to necessarily leave positive feedback. Honestly, a few negative feedback won’t hurt you. As a general rule, when a product has a mix of both positive and negative reviews, it looks much more authentic.


Starting an eCommerce business can be rewarding, but to make the most of it, you should know how to present your business. Use these tips, and you will see your chances of sales improve in the near future.

Albert David is a fulltime blogger and blogs with DigiToolsCoupons. While sharing his experience, he also loves to help fellow bloggers in setting up their blogs.

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