Why use Social Media for Small Businesses

Why use Social Media for Small Businesses

August 28, 2018

The journey of a small business has never been too easy, thanks to the various challenges that a small business faces. But social media marketing is one such platform that has made things easy and accessible for small business owners.

Is your business struggling to have a good online reputation? Are you aware of the power of social media? How does one use social media for their small business? Take a look at some social media marketing tips for small businesses.

Unlike giant firms and businesses, small businesses have a hard time gaining a strong online reputation like the well-established brands. However, social media is one such tool that works wonders, especially for smaller businesses. Social media is an unpredictable space. You never know when things will work in your favour. But that’s not why you should be on social media.

Here are some benefits of social media for small businesses:  

Increases brand awareness

When you’re present on social media, it gives the users an idea that you have some sort of presence and actually exist! Believe it or not, just being present on social media increases your chances of more sales. Brand recognition increases when you have a social media marketing strategy that broadcasts your business services/products.

Users will easily recognize any of your posts and this helps in making a space for your brand in the minds of the users. This way the users who are looking for similar services/products will refer to your brand for any expert advice. This also builds credibility for your business, along with boosting brand recognition.

More and more users are also checking out the social media presence of brands and businesses before they make a purchase from them. So if you’re not on social media, you’ve probably lost customers already.

Builds brand loyalty

Brand loyalty comes with keeping the customers happy and satisfied. Being present on social media and keeping your audience updated with what’s going on behind the scenes, new announcements, offers and promotions – they are likely to hang on to you.

As long as you are able to fulfil the needs and requirements of your customers, they will stick to your brand. This boosts brand loyalty and also increases customer retention. The better you are able to serve your customers, better are the chances of growing your customer relationship bond strong. This includes engaging with them on topics they like or simply giving them a motivational quote for the day!

Stay ahead of the competition

Being present on social media is beneficial because it also keeps you informed about your competitors, their strategies and what they’re doing. With every other person having access to the social media channel, social media is the best platform to market and advertise about your small business. Social media is a great way to stay ahead of your competition in terms of presence.

If your competitors are not on social media and you are, you already have an edge over them. If your competitors are present on social media, you can keep a track of what they’re doing to engage with their audience and adopt similar strategies for yourself. We don’t recommend aping what your competitors do, but we strongly believe you should be aware of whatever they’re doing.

Sales and ROI

Having a strong presence on social media contributes towards generating more sales and a better return on investment when compared to any other medium.

Let’s take an example of a new product or service that you’re about to launch into the market. Traditional advertising and promotion would probably take thousands of dollars if you want to reach a wide audience. On the other hand, social media requires an interesting marketing strategy, great copy and good design – all of which costs almost nothing!

Social media is bound to give you a better return on investment and increases chances of more sales. We’d say it’s a no-brainer!

Find potential customers

Answer this and you shall know what we are talking about.

“When do you become your user’s favourite brand?”

It is when you are able to fulfil the needs and requirements of your users.

Social media is the best medium to get potential customers for your brand. According to reports, every online user refers to social media before making a purchase. A combination of a strong social media presence, a great small business website and effective SEO can do wonders for your business. Through these, you can cater to your audience better and address their pain points.

Offering solutions to problems people face are likely to make your brand or business a successful one. Hence, having a brilliant presence across all the relevant social media channels that you use to interact with your audience and solve their issues has the potential to boost your business.

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