Why you need Emoji Marketing for your Business?

Why you need Emoji Marketing for your Business?

May 20, 2019

Who would have imagined that one day emojis would be a part of digital marketing! They have taken the digital world by storm by changing the way we interact and express. In fact, 92% of Internet users use emojis in texts and conversations. In fact, it is the fastest growing language in the history of the UK!

With its increasing popularity, big brands like Domino’s Pizza, McDonald's and Apple have started integrating this phenomenon in their marketing messages while communicating with their audience.

What is Emoji Marketing?

Emoji marketing means adding emojis to the text or graphics in your marketing campaign. These include your social media posts with emojis, emojis used as hashtags, emojis used in graphics, and any other way a marketer can think of using it.

Note: Emojis and emoticons aren’t the same. Emoticons came first. Emoticons are the smiley faces, frowning faces, angry faces and other forms of facial expressions which can be created using symbols available on the keyboard. For example - :) and :-)

Whereas emojis are pictographs of animals, human beings, objects and symbols.

Why you should incorporate Emoji Marketing in your Business?

Brands are now communicating with its customers in a conversational tone to understand them better and to provide a better online experience. They want to build customer loyalty and keep them engaged for a lifetime. That’s the reason they started using emojis too in business. In addition to this emoji marketing:

Improves Engagement

This might be a bit surprising for you, but yes it's true. Brands using emojis have witnessed an increase in engagements, click-through rates and open rates.

These statistics will give you a more clear idea.

  • Facebook posts with emojis saw a bump in the number of likes, comments and shares
  • Tweets with emoji received 25% more engagement.
  • Push notifications with emojis saw 85% increase in open rates
  • 50% of brands saw subscribers are more likely to open an email that contains subject with emoji.

Thus, it shows that Emojis drive engagement on all digital platforms.

Humanizes Brand

No matter where you work or what companies you sell to, your prospects and consumers are still human. This means that they are more likely to respond to the text of emotional interest. Emoji are really helpful in doing this as they add a personal tone to the communication and make it more engaging.

In a recent survey of 1000 American workers, it was found that 76% of Americans have used emojis in online communication.

Elevates Storytelling

Have you ever thought of brand storytelling using emojis? If no, then this is the right time to consider this advice. Your audience wants something new and you can’t always come up with words and images to tell your stories. Try using emojis which is sure to keep your audience engaged and yield better results.

Before considering this tool, you need to make sure if this is right for your brand and audience. Most marketers have already started using it.

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