Why your Business Should have a Brand Tagline

Why your Business Should have a Brand Tagline

October 15, 2018

Does your business have a brand tagline? A brand tagline is indeed one of the key brand elements that boost brand recognition. It is the second thing that users remember after your brand logo. In short, it is an epitome of what your organization is all about.

Being consistent with your branding is the key to success. This is essential both for small businesses or large firms.

Some marketers do argue that a tagline is not as important, while some think it is imperative for a brand. So, having an appropriate tagline is important. Otherwise, the wrong tagline can do more harm to your brand than do any good.

If you feel that your brand is doing fine without a tagline and you don’t need one, that’s perfectly okay! But if you feel the need to create one for your brand, make sure it is highly relevant and powerful. This blog here will guide you through the basics of creating one for your brand and how does it help a brand.

The power of a tagline can be seen with the classic example of “Just Do It”. Nike, as a brand, has a very meaningful relationship with its tagline – one that encapsulates what the brand is all about in just 3 words. Their tagline is aligned with the mission and vision of their brand also resonates well with its audience.

The whole purpose of a tagline is to communicate the crux of your business in few words. That’s why a brand tagline is one of the important elements of a good brand.  

Creating a tagline takes time. You cannot expect to come up with the perfect tagline in a matter of minutes or hours. Sometimes, it can take months to come up with the perfect tagline for your brand. This is why businesses often outsource this task to branding companies who are well suited for the job. Here are some characteristics of a good digital branding company, which will help you get one for your organization. Usually, they provide you with a list of brand taglines that you may with your consumers. This helps you test and understand which taglines perform well with your brand and which ones don’t.

Or, you can create the tagline yourself.

Here are some brand tagline ideas that help you create one for your brand. Taglines that you come up with for your brand must be consistent, short, simple, unique and self-explanatory. Your tagline must help your brand or business stand out. An ideal tagline is somewhere between 9 or 10 words.

How to create the perfect tagline for your brand

Don’t rush when you are trying to come up with a tagline for your brand. This is one activity that you want to take your time with, simply because your tagline will stick with your brand for a long time.

To create your tagline, you need to have a thorough understanding of your product or service, your target audience, and how the two are connected. You should also take into consideration your brand mission, vision, values and principles. Keeping all of the above in mind, start creating a list of phrases and words that are aligned with your brand and try and communicate a concept or idea to your audience.

Once you start jotting down your idea, you will see yourself taking a particular direction with your taglines. Most importantly, follow your instinct about your tagline preferences. Most marketers will agree that when they thought of their brand tagline, they knew it was ‘the one’ because of their instinct and gut feel.

Brand recognition

Before finalizing on your brand tagline, keep in mind the concept of brand recognition.

Brands that are easy to recall also tend to have easy and highly relevant brand taglines. One such tagline is ‘I’m Loving It’ of McDonald’s. A brand tagline is the second most prominent element of branding after a brand logo. So if we were to ask you to name a few ‘brand’ elements that remind you of McDonald’s, their brand tagline would probably be one of the few things you can recall.

Your brand tagline will help your audience and potential customers recall your brand easily. This is another reason why you need to make sure that your brand tagline is relevant to your product or service and is easy to recall. Remember our tip of short, crisp and self-explanatory.

Represents the mission and vision

The brand tagline you choose for your brand must reflect the mission and vision of your brand. You should take this opportunity to pick your words wisely since your brand tagline will stick with your brand for a long time.

Don’t base your tagline on trends or concepts that will be outdated soon. Keep your tagline one that can be evergreen and always aligned with the vision of your brand – even if your products or services may upgrade or change in the future.

Our favourite example again is Nike. Their tagline beautifully reflects their mission and vision of “bringing inspiration and motivation to every athlete in the world.” It provides a clear message of what their brand is all about.

Virtual personality

A brand tagline helps to create a virtual personality in the minds of the readers. It makes your business lively. It helps to instigate a sense of emotion, which makes the customers feel that they are being valued. This helps the users to create a virtual personality of your brand.

When you read Apple’s tagline ‘Think Different’, you may immediately associate these words with the brand and even down to how their products appear visually and are so different as compared to other brands that offer the same products or services.

Basically, your tagline must also visually translate to your actual brand.

Stands apart from the competitor

On a very basic level, your brand tagline sets you apart from all your competitors. Your tagline gives you a chance to highlight a key differentiator between you and your competition. This gives you an edge over your competitors and also lets you decide how your target audience should perceive your brand, products and services.

To conclude, having a brand tagline can do wonders for your brand. From giving it exactly the personality you want to have your audience associate with your brand, a tagline is imperative for all businesses and brands today.

What are your thoughts on brands having taglines? Let us know in the comments below!

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