WordPress Templates - Things to Consider Before You Choose

WordPress Templates - Things to Consider Before You Choose

June 29, 2020

Are you planning to use WordPress for your corporate and business site? If yes, you can opt-in for over thousands of WordPress templates. The collection is vast, and you might take a few days to browse and select the best theme suitable for your site. It takes time to find out the ideal one. 

Selecting the correct WordPress template is essential. As it will provide the right treatment to your content, keep the site mobile responsive and also ensure that the site loads at the earliest. There are various templates, and sometimes, it becomes a challenging task to be able to choose the correct one. To know more on the templates, you can research the Elementor Templates as well. 

Purchasing a WordPress template is not as easy as it looks! You need to weigh through various pros and cons before you arrive at a decision. Some of the essential things to consider are as follows: 

  • Have a list of all the features you require beforehand 

Don’t go ahead and select a template because it looks good! Instead, take some time and start by identifying your needs. You can use the WordPress Feature Filter that makes it simple to customize the selection for completely free themes depending on particular features, such as making the site translation ready and using flexible headers. Fix a specific design before you go ahead with the template selection. For instance, you need to be clear if you intend the WordPress site to possess multiple columns or a single column.

Less is more in case of WordPress templates. Your template should come with all the relevant features to help you create a site, the way you wanted. The template should complement your brand image. Make sure not to opt-in for the themes that come with clutter. A simple, clean, and minimal template design is perfect.

  • Make sure to omit a bloated theme 

The relevant aspect here is that you shouldn’t choose a template cluttered with excess features. It will cost you in the future and will not work in your favor. When you opt-in for a feature-rich theme, it might impact the site performance negatively. Make sure you refrain from installing all the features you find smart and advanced. 

You might get attracted to the excellent gaming features and advanced music players. However, these features might come in the way of your website performance. Additionally, developers usually make use of the code they find on the internet for a set of features. It results in a vulnerable spot, as it is not perfect for keeping a WordPress site safe.

  • Make sure you select a mobile responsive theme 

Mobile responsive design makes your site user-friendly! You can load it on various devices, such as a laptop or mobile screen. Hence, its compatible with the mobile screen and comes with widgets and menus that are simple to use. You can search for the features such as flexible images and fluid site grid, which can also work in non-desktop devices. An excellent example of a mobile responsive theme is one that can work for mobile devices, with zero side effects or difficulties.

You might like a theme you prefer, and it's not responsive. In such a situation, you need to use minimal template customization. 

  • Always think about the color 

Always know that digital marketing is dependent on colors, visual performances, and that helps in brand recognition. Do you have a logo? If yes, ensure that you tally the color scheme with the brand logo. Are you planning to use neutrals? If yes, you can opt-in for a slight color hint, and that will make it vibrant. You can easily modify the appearance in WordPress by managing the colors by managing the custom CSS. 

Are you planning to choose a light or dark template? If yes, you need to know that it’s explained statistically that the site viewers have an affinity towards light colors. A dark template isn't a complete "No." But when you select a dark theme, you somehow lose out on the readability and scope for other conventional design aspects.

  • Think of purchasing a premium template 

The free templates are perfect for those small or start-up business owners, who have a budget constraint. These templates might come with a few issues. Other than the coding quality, which needs improvement, the free themes might not get updated regularly as premium themes do. The theme author also abandons the complete theme. 

On the other hand, the premium themes are dynamic. It usually provides increased features than the free ones. It helps companies and brands to stand apart from the generic sites. There are premium templates which only needs a single time payment instead of recurring payments. 

  • Avoid a template that has fonts you have difficulty reading 

The logic here is simple! You need to get the readers and online users involved at the earliest so that they don't move to another site. Hence, select a font that makes WordPress site navigation very easy. Ensure that your WordPress template has simple, unique, and sophisticated fonts. It should also be readable. Are you acquainted with CMS? If yes, then font adjustment will be easy for you. Sometimes, the free themes will get restricted in customization.

  • Make sure test the WordPress template thoroughly 

An ideal place to begin the template testing is to install a Theme Check plug-in that helps to assess the theme based on the existing WordPress standards. The moment you have completed all the modifications and tweaks uploaded the relevant content, and it is essential to conduct a site review. Make sure to read all the content for a couple of times. Ensure you check out the website on your mobile phone and be sure that every image should load on the site well. You need to consider counting on an excellent hosting solution that offers staging environments.

These are some of the essential aspects you need to look into when you are considering a WordPress template. You should never forget your site's requirements, the budget capacity, and also the business objective. It will help you in making the correct selection.


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