X Tips for Creating Ebook Landing Pages That Convert

X Tips for Creating Ebook Landing Pages That Convert

Kerry Leigh Harrison
December 26, 2022

It’s estimated that the eBook market is going to grow by 3.38% from now until 2027, which should result in a market volume of $16.08 billion in 2027.

This eBook statistic shows that it’s an industry that’s certainly growing and thriving at the moment. 

However, it’s not simply a case of developing an eBook, and the audience will come. You need a landing page that excites and intrigues people, leading to conversions.

With that being said, in this blog post, we’re going to reveal some top tips on creating an eBook landing page that converts.

1. Don’t overwhelm with your download forms

Your download form is arguably the most vital part of your eBook landing page. This is where users will input their personal details and download your eBook. The design and structure of this form can dictate how many conversions you receive. 

While it can be tempting to try and get as much information as possible about the user, this can deter people from downloading your eBook altogether. After all, convenience is key! People don’t want to waste their precious time filling out forms. Instead, make sure the form is simple, quick, and easy. 

A short form enables you to capture information and get the user to download your eBook. You can then follow up with these leads later to try and get more data.

The most basic forms only ask for three pieces of information:

  • The person’s first name
  • Their last name
  • Their email address

Once someone has handed over their email address, you then have the perfect opportunity to open communication channels in the future so you can build up valuable information without being too intrusive or forceful in your approach. 

Another effective approach is to add optional fields to your forms. This gives people the opportunity to provide further information if they wish to do so. However, as you’re not forcing people to hand over such data, they’re not going to simply hit the back button and avoid downloading your eBook altogether. 

2. Use strong CTAs

Next, you need to make sure your Calls To Action are on-point. If you want people to download your eBook, you need to give them a nudge in the right direction. 

If you don’t have a strong CTA, users may not understand what steps to take next. 

Include CTAs that will stand out from the rest of your pages to earn more conversions. Make sure the viewer’s eye is drawn to your CTA button. 

Another key piece of advice is to avoid using generic CTAs like “click here” or “submit.” Generic CTAs don’t work well because people have seen them a million times before. 

Instead, tell your audience exactly what’s going to happen when they click on the CTA. So, a CTA such as “download your free eBook on [subject] today” is going to work much better than “click here.” Your audience knows exactly what they’re going to get if they click. 

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3. Engage with a striking headline

You need to catch your audience’s attention, and the only way to do this is with an engaging headline. After all, this is one of the first things people will see when they are on your landing page. 

Your headline needs to tell your audience what they can expect if they read your eBook. There’s no need to overcomplicate it either. Don’t try to be too clever. Instead, keep it simple and effectively convey the benefits people will get if they download your eBook.

It’s also vital to ensure your headlines match any ads linked to your landing page. By utilizing social media ads, pay-per-click (PPC), and other paid strategies like this, you can direct people to your eBook landing page. However, you need to ensure your landing pages and ads are consistent. 

Create concise, clear headlines that compliment your ads so you can effectively communicate your message. 

4. Use a contemporary design

How your landing pages look impacts how people perceive your eBooks. If your landing page has an outdated design, your leads will feel uninspired. 

Instead, you need a landing page that is clean and modern. Keeping it simple is key. You don’t want your audience to be overwhelmed with design elements. A sleek and simple design will go a very long way.

Of course, you also need to ensure the design you choose is in keeping with your brand image. It should reinforce your brand, helping to build recognition amongst your audience. It is vital to build brand familiarity to drive conversions. 

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5. Incorporate a photograph of your eBook

Another important tip to follow is to ensure your landing page is not simply blocks of text. Instead, keep your audience engaged and interested by adding visual elements.

Adding a photo of your eBook is an excellent way of piquing your audience’s interest. 

People enjoy images, as their eyes naturally draw to them. This also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to engage your audience and build interest in your eBooks.

Also, think about how you act when you search for a book. You probably want to see a snippet of what you’re going to buy, right? You’ll get a feel for the content and language used. If you like what you see, you’ll be tempted to go ahead and hit the download button. 

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6. List the benefits of reading your eBook

You need to emphasize the value of reading your eBook. What value does it deliver to the reader?

One of the easiest ways of demonstrating value is by creating a list of benefits. This tells your audience exactly what they’re going to get if they download your eBook. 

Create a quick, snappy list of around 4 to 5 advantages your audience will get from your book. A bullet point list is easy to digest, and it also helps to break up your content. 

Even when people skip descriptions, they are naturally drawn to a bulleted list and will often consume this information. If they like what they see, they may even go back and read the description. 

7. Pay attention to your copy

Next, the landing page you create is only going to be as good as the copy featured on it. You need to put yourself in your target market’s shoes so that you can speak to them in a manner that resonates. 

When your target audience feels like you understand them and the issues they face, they will be much more likely to hit the download button.

8. Reduce form completion anxiety for viewers

Nowadays, people are more skeptical about giving up their personal data, and rightly so. Just think about all of the spam out there at the moment!

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to lower form completion anxiety for your users. 

Firstly, we advise adding customer logos and testimonials. This is a fantastic way of leveraging social proof. For instance, if you have offered a free trial for your book or the first chapter of it, you may also want to think about adding testimonials from a few customers about that specific eBook. 

If you need sensitive information from those signed up for your offers, including certifications or security seals so you can reassure people that their information is secure and safe. 

Finally, we advise adding a private message that indicates visitors’ email addresses will not be sold or shared. 

9. Don’t forget; less is more

One thing we have mentioned a lot in this guide is that less is often more. You really do need to keep things simple so that you can maximize your conversions.

If you overwhelm or confuse the viewer, they’ll simply hit the back button and go elsewhere. 

Cluttered pages confuse, distract, and overwhelm. This is why you need to keep things as simple as possible.

A lot of people are scared of white space. But we say, embrace it! White space gives your content room to breathe, enabling viewers to focus on the most critical elements. White space can be your best friend when used properly. 

Increase viewership by using these powerful eBook landing page tips

So there you have it: some of the best tips to follow to increase conversions for your eBook landing page

From using engaging headlines to embracing a contemporary design, if you follow the advice that we’ve provided above, you’ll give yourself the best chance of boosting your eBook conversion rates. 

Author bio (if needed):

Kerry Leigh Harrison has over 11+ years of experience as a content writer. She graduated from university with a First Class Hons Degree in Multimedia Journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys attending sports and music events. 

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