Branding And Stationery Of A Professional Speaker

Phil Preston came to us with the goal of formalising his branding. As a professional speaker, facilitator and strategist, Phil helps businesses use 'purpose' to grow their bottom line and make a bigger impact in the world.

He wanted the branding to reflect that. Keeping this in mind we designed five logo options each resonating with the essence of the company. We explored logo options that had elements of Professional, Purposeful, Powerful, Connected and Reliable in them.


RedAlkemi delivered the final logo which consisted of the elements of professional collaboration. This mark represented a connection between collaborators and the power it harnesses. The shapes were designed to express the bond of a connection.

Colors blue and orange were used. They represented comfort and friendliness for the listeners and the creativity that comes from collaboration. As colors are the major role player in depicting the brand’s entity.

After this, a brand guide was designed for them which was composed of the color scheme, typography, and logo variations, so that it becomes easy for the client to select between different variations of colors.

RedAlkemi also created business cards for them and created something unique keeping in mind the new branding colors.

We also designed web banners to be used across the website based on the branding elements.

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