Logo Design And Website For Financial Consulting Firm

Miller Equity Research Group is a media company that offers newsletters covering some 200 stocks across five products. The newsletters highlight companies that offer a meaningful combination of growth and discounted shares of "royalty" and mineral exploration companies.

Miller Equity needed a brand and logo design that would reflect both quality and experience as well as a nimble, forward-thinking approach. The discussion revolved around designing a brand with a clean, conservative look and a modern feel with interesting graphics. The company wanted to convey images of experience, trust, and quality that highlights the type of companies covered in the newsletters and the unique value of MERG products. The website and the brand needed to reflect a high-level work product with a modern look and feel. The company needed a competitive look to show that its innovations go beyond the cookie-cutter products that investors encounter on a daily basis.

The target audience are upmarket, open-minded investors that value quality, consistency, and stewardship. The values that they wanted to communicate were that of hard work, trust, integrity, and experience.

To narrow down on the visual language for the brand, we first started by exploring the brief and creating mood boards that included imagery, colors, font, and logo inspiration. This helped the client visualize their brief better, after a few discussions we had a clearer understanding of the kind of colors, fonts, images, and logo style that would fit the brand. We landed on warm blue-grey tones, wide sans serif fonts, aspirational imagery, and a monogram logo.

An exploration of colors, imagery, font, and logo styles

The main brief for the logo was to create something that is distinct and not a typical bar or pyramid look that most finance-related companies have in their logomarks. We explored a few sketched-out options but quickly arrived at a logo form that combined the letters M & E with an arrow to denote focus and a book to denote research-oriented.

Logo forms we explored

The concept behind the logo

The logo form we finalized on

We put together a simple brand guide for the client to refer to and for the website design process. The brand also needed secondary colors for the many graphs that needed to be added to the website. For this, we went with a set of eight colors, equidistant in hues from violet to yellow. These colors are sufficiently distinct from each other to all be used in a single graph, accessible for color blindness, and complementary to the primary color scheme.

A brand guide defining colors, fonts, and imagery

After discussion with the client on the Information architecture, we proceeded to work on the wireframes in reference to the content. This included laying out the content to progressively disclose the value that each product provides, identifying the icons and graphs required, and keeping in mind the main call to action and how a user would navigate through the site. Initially, this was meant to be an eCommerce site, but we needed to pivot due to certain restrictions, the pages are now set up in a way that allows for future eCommerce addition if required.

Using figma we created the mockups for the site and prototyped it which allowed the client to get a sense of the navigation before development. We redesigned the graphs provided by the client in the new colors and consistent branding across all graphs.

We built the website on WordPress using the Divi Builder. After a few rounds of testing amongst the team and the client, the site was ready for launch.


Miller Equity Research group is a media and publishing firm that needed branding which was conservative, clean and classy. Through the design process, we created mood boards, logo options, brand guidelines, wireframes, mockups and developed the website in WordPress.

Take a look at the Miller Equity’s website here

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