6 Reasons you Need Facebook for Business?

6 Reasons you Need Facebook for Business?

September 7, 2017

Are you looking for a marketing platform that is both cost effective and affordable and helps grow your business? The answer lies in Facebook marketing!

Yet again landing at No.1 position in social media networking sites, as per the statistics, there were 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users as of June 2017 which is a 17% increase from last year’s numbers.

You need Facebook for business besides following the traditional marketing practices if you want to leave a footprint in the world of social media.

With the ever expanding business sphere around the globe and increase in time spent on social networks, the need of social media marketing is probably the biggest concern for marketers.

Your website is a reflection of your business, therefore you keep it fresh & updated. Likewise, your Facebook page is a deep insight of your business and the services you offer, your popularity among the customers. So how does Facebook as a marketing tool actually help you in fulfilling your Business marketing needs around the world, no matter how small or huge your business is?

Here’s how:

It helps increase your sales:

Facebook marketing helps businesses increase store sales and you too can achieve the same by posting updates related to promotions, ongoing and upcoming offers, events, discounts etc. But it is important to roll them out at the right time and to the right customer. Marketers around the world have said that Facebook helped increase their store footfall to a great extent. For online stores, on the other hand, Facebook marketing does deliver round the clock measurable results as every campaign can be easily and effectively measured. Various Parameters including organic reach, impressions, clicks, and above all Google Analytics gives the advantage to measure both success and sales of each individual campaign to give you a clear picture of the attracted social media traffic.

Let’s you perfectly launch a new product:

If you are launching a new product, Facebook Marketing is the first platform you should consider for your social media marketing mix. Facebook can help you start with pre-launch teaser ads, teaser texts & images to create a curiosity among your customer and then let it go viral. Posting about various pre-launch offers, discounts etc. can help you increase the traffic to your product website page which in turn helps you to achieve sales from pre-orders. Taking feedback from customers helps businesses incorporate changes in the final product for launch and all this comes free of cost from a huge, valid user base. Eventually the final product launched will have already made an impression in the minds of customer thus enabling to draw them a step closer in the purchasing cycle. 

Facilitates building brand awareness on Facebook:

Converting a random viewer to an engaged user is now possible due to Social Media Marketing! Building brand awareness on Facebook is another major advantage any business can look to make the most of. A product/service can get wide exposure on Facebook due to its large user strength. Using promoted posts, running Facebook ad campaign to target your niche market and creating awareness on Facebook is all very easy now.

Helps building community:

Building a community for your brand across Facebook is a must. It can be achieved by understanding your customers and their needs. It’s not what you like to post on Facebook, instead it’s what your customers want to see from your brand on Facebook. Building a trusting & loyal community is very beneficial as of today because social media is the next “Word of Mouth” in this Digital Marketing era. Once you have a community of your own, engaging with the users or sharing content online becomes much easier.

Helps grow your customer base:

The content you post on your Facebook page is a direct reflection of what your brand is all about & your brand values, so make sure you do it properly. Growing your customer base in the world of social media is as important as setting up a foothold. To keep the customers attracted to your page you need to post regularly and post consistent yet creative content. When your customer base swells up it becomes very easy to let your content become viral and more visible online. To sum up, you need to follow certain Facebook etiquettes for marketing to be successful.

To increase website traffic:

Generating traffic requires planning in detail about the ways of increasing the same. Getting greater traffic to your website is a bonus and this can happen as and when your content becoming viral. But keep the content creative loaded with all enticing images, aligned with the interest of the users, so that they are engrossed in reading it over and over again.

New businesses and existing businesses that haven’t explored Facebook as a marketing tool, must consider it as an effective business marketing tool this very instant! Apart from these points, there is a lot to explore about Facebook marketing. If you think you need help and guidance to start Facebook marketing, reach out to our social media strategists who can help you come up with the perfect plan!


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