Are you Missing out on These Link Building Tips?

Are you Missing out on These Link Building Tips?

October 9, 2017

Every business aims at getting their business ranked higher on Google, which is possible when your website content is of good quality such that readers spend time reading it. Along with high quality content, the overall design and graphics used on the website should be eye catching and well-designed too. Having good quality link backs helps steer the traffic to your website and helps your website rank higher. It is important that we analyze the importance of link building for an online business. 

Follow these link building tips to strengthen your search engine rankings!

  1. Answer questions relevant to your business on question-answer sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora. This helps you create link backs to your website and also establishes your brand as an authoritative source of information.

  2. Run a Pay Per Click campaign for your business. PPC works as a great link building tool where you only pay if your link gets clicked on. It is the perfect way to test and improve your campaign. You can buy relevant traffic with a pay per click campaign.

  3. Start a blog about your brand or the products and services you offer, not just for the sake of having one, but for keeping your audience engaged and updated about your field or industry. Post regularly and post great content. Good execution is what gets the links.

  4. Infographics is a great way to share information when people may not be too interested in reading a long article or blog. People instantly share compelling infographics. Use this technique to get quality link backs for your website.

  5. Case studies work brilliantly to get good quality link backs. Sharing case studies of your clients helps showcase your previous work and encourages potential customers to take an action. Not only will this help you get indirect link backs, but will also help you increase the audience base whom you are targeting.

  6. Write a press release about interesting company news and post it on your website and social media pages. Keeping your audience updated about activities behind the scenes is a great way to bring in a ‘human’ factor and build trust with your community.

  7. Submit your site to directories to get listed under a certain category or field relevant to your business. This will give you more exposure as users often look at directories to look for particular products or services. Just remember that quality matters! So always keep your posts of top notch quality.

  8. Social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Inbound, Stumble Upon etc are an excellent source to drive traffic and once readers start sharing, you will receive quality link backs. Always keep in mind social bookmarking websites while launching a link building campaign.

  9. Guest blogging improves link building. You can ask the bloggers to write on your blog page or vice versa. You can go all out and get in touch with influencers in your industry to write a blog on your page in exchange for a product or service. This will ensure large amounts of traffic to your website.

  10. Build relations on niche specific communities, like discussion forums. Get into interactive discussions on these forums and engage with the audience. Establish yourself as an authentic, legitimate source of information. This is an effective technique to get good quality link backs.

  11. A social media presence for a business can help you generate good quality leads. Make sure your business or brand is well-established on all social media platforms. This is the easiest way to spread the word about your business and get countless link backs.

Being present in the digital world is not a cake walk!

You have to consider various helpful techniques to stay ahead of the competition when devising link building strategies.



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