Design trends in 2020

Design trends in 2020

February 12, 2020

2020 is not going to be a casual year for anyone. It will be marked by many highs in almost all endeavors of businesses. Things will take on the world with a new pace and you will be continuously asked to innovate not to lead but to survive. Talking about designs, the field will see the influx of many trends. If you think you have been doing good sticking to your guns, this year might make you uneasy as many emerging trends have already suggested that ordinary players will need to leave.

The 2020 Design Challenge

We are living in an age of filters where good looks add a lot to the visual appeal. Dull designs loaded with monotony have lost relevance to the audience and no surprise, they might just be filtered out too soon. The real challenge for the designers is not exactly to cut different from the rest but to outgrow competition by building a brand.

Imagine you may produce a revolutionary design, that knocks the people off their feet. It not only resonates with their psyche but is too good to be ignored. Now again, can you rule out the moats? Can you be assured that it will not be bettered or copied by anyone, at a much effective price? So, your bubble of joy in the flagship product is bursted!

However, if you channelize your designs towards making a brand, a design that underlines your craftsmanship, expertise, signature appeal and culture, may never be replicated-because it is a name! Name sells! This will be the most pressing challenge faced by designers.

Design Trends to Look For in 2020

This 2020 the designers will have to play smart. They will have to play many strokes at a time- and present a melange of novelty, usefulness, and appeal! There can be no compromise in any of these. Here are some design trends in 2020 you should be looking for:

Liquid Designs

You read that right. It is no longer going to the rule of static. You will have to break the monotony and introduce more smoothness. It will be finery of imagination, the softness of textures, colors, and appeal. 2020 will resonate with such designs that give that velvety feel and look liquid in the background with those wonderful fonts taking the front-stage. You can also dance your imagination around neon and other shades of a bold palette yet keep the shapes soft. This will present a new relief to the audience that is so bogged down by routine.

Natural Textures

This has been happening for a while when designers have put their energies and tried many different textures. The trend though not new, but will continue to make a difference in 2020, of course, you may expect certain twists. Ironically ever since the human mind shook hands with technology and lost touch with nature, it has been hunting for natural textures and patterns everywhere. You may call this basic human instinct, but yes the way we are wired, we find peace in the lap of nature. So, we can expect more earthy designs to make a foray into the arena. When we say earthy, we do not mean images, but designs that are created out of earthy tones and colors. Such images enhance the creative element and appeal. Digitization of natural textures can be another bet to bank on.


These illustrations are packed with peculiar child-like appeal and they tend to suggest that any idea, no matter how grave or technical, can be illustrated in a manner that is more fun and creative. These toy-like transformations look fresh and are very enticing for their audience so used to content-laden infographics.

Monochromatic Impressions

We have seen many monochromatic designs take precedence, however in 2020 they will be merged with the minimalist appeal. It has been seen that the monochromatic color palettes have a vintage effect and generally add to a similar nostalgia. These will continue to enthrall the audience online especially as the world is moving towards minimalist patterns.

Dark Modes

David Baretta, the design director at Impero, suggests that dark modes will continue to rule the discussion forums of designers as it has been doing in 2019. The benefits of the dark modes are beyond appeal, as they are good for your mobile battery-life and also work with low brightness- a feat many mobile makers clamor for. Brands like Instagram, Pinterest and Slack have already brought it to the fore, and we might see many follow suit. Neat, free from buzz and sophisticated are what these designs stand for. They will be a ruling trend in design workbooks in the year.

Graphic Design trends in 2020 are a little off-beat yet interesting. They all ultimately aim at breaking the monotony and challenging the status quo. They clearly suggest that forward is going to be marked by creativity. You can bring in vintage trends, go earthy or may bring out the toyish appeal-everything sells if you are able to maintain balance. However, remember trends can be copied and never last-brands do!

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