Digital Marketing Trends That Wont last too long!

Digital Marketing Trends That Wont last too long!

November 7, 2017

The marketing world has been ever evolving & has never ever stayed constant!

Marketing and the techniques used in marketing are ever evolving. In a world so fast-paced and digital, we are bound to expect changes in digital marketing trends. Trends like hashtags or live videos were not extensively used until very recently, but just like any other trend, these too will fade out soon.

Businesses that have an online presence make use of current trends to rule the marketing world, not realizing that they must be prepared for the future and adapt to newer digital marketing trends while also anticipating existing trends that are not here to stay. It is important for businesses to identify these techniques so they know not to invest too much time and effort setting up processes for these very digital marketing techniques.

Here are few digital marketing trends that will fade away:

Automating everything

Many businesses consider automation a necessity. No doubt, it speeds up the process and lowers the human effort required. But in the social media marketing world, one cannot be completely dependent on bots. As contradictory as it sounds, people on social media are looking for more and more personalized engagement. This is something that automation cannot offer, no matter the level of advancement. If you are looking for an established social media presence, you must look beyond automated processes. Another point to keep in mind is that automation will not work for every industry, especially in the marketing world.

Focus only on SEO

SEO is always going to be an extremely important element in setting up a website or establishing yourself or your brand on social media. But a lot of businesses make the mistake of focusing only on SEO. In fact, so many businesses focus on this aspect that it has become a trend. Businesses that have a strong online presence, know how important SEO is for them because it helps them rank and boosts their visibility online. However, a lack of engaging content, graphics or visuals will have adverse effects on the business. Having said that, SEO is important but cannot be relied on entirely for online visibility and success. This is also the reason why businesses that share engaging content are successful even if they don’t rely entirely on SEO.

Contacting through emails

Even today, some businesses use email marketing to reach out to a huge follower base. These emails are typically follow up emails, newsletters or promotional emails. No doubt, email marketing is a very successful channel of marketing, but it is slowly fading out as businesses opt to stick to social media for promotions and updates. Social media is the main reason why email marketing has been side tracked. All messaged that need to be conveyed by a brand to their audience now takes place through social media. This is because businesses as well as their audience find social media a much more suitable channel for sending and receiving these messages. With the attention span of the average internet use keeps decreasing, email marketing loses a share in the market as a primary channel of communication.

Businesses continue to use email marketing, however, their style of emailing has changed. Emails are traditionally lengthy and packed with information. In today's’ scenario, businesses prefer sending shorter and crisper emails since they get a better response.

Written content

As mentioned above, internet users over time have a shorter attention span. They consume information and content extremely fast and are more attracted to visuals and graphics compared to blogs and articles.

One of the reasons for visuals and graphics having been more successful in the recent past is because of the time they take to be consumed. Pictures speak a thousand words, it’s true! Graphics and infographics have a better rate of being clicked on when compared to articles. Naturally, an article will take longer to be read than an image that takes roughly 4 seconds. A lot of brands are shifting towards creating a greater impact with lesser words. The phrase ‘less is more’ is an accurate description of the digital marketing trends we encounter these days.


A lot of businesses make the mistake of being too aggressive with their promotions. Businesses that are constantly trying to promote themselves instead of engaging with their audience are doing it wrong. Although promotions are a great way to let people know about products and services, it may not be a great idea to keep promoting. This is because audiences are not interested in knowing about products and services beyond a point. They want to engage with interesting and useful content that gives them knowledge or makes them laugh. For brands that only promote themselves, it is a great idea to offer your audience content that talks about something other than the products and services you offer.

The marketing world is constantly changing. It becomes necessary for brand and businesses that have an online presence to stay updated about the trends that are upcoming and the trends that won’t stay too long.

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