Essential Marketing Tactics for Written Content!

Essential Marketing Tactics for Written Content!

December 7, 2017

Written content may be going out of fashion thanks to more engaging content like videos and graphics, but content marketing is imperative for your business to succeed in the online space. There are a few reasons for this. First, no matter how engaging your visual content may be, if you want to rank, you’ve got to publish content for search engines to consume. Very often you would see social pages and websites failing to rank on certain keywords, simply because they do not have enough written content on those pages. Second, some topics like blogging tips or how to formulate a digital marketing strategy cannot be explained only through graphics or images. Sometimes, readers are looking for an in depth explanation for topics. Finally, as much as images speak a thousand words, words (when put together creatively) can have a huge impact on a reader. Before you start to market your article it’s important for you to have a defined strategy about writing articles or publishing copy.

Now that we’ve explained why written content will always be an important part of your business, let’s dive into how your business can excel with a few essential marketing tips:

Tell the reader what to do next

If a reader has arrived to your article or blog, you must provide him with what he/she came here looking for. If your readers are facing a problem and looking for a solution, your blog or article must tell them what the solution is and what they must do next. The article should be written in a well formatted way that tells the customer what to do, without directly telling them. But that’s not all. Your content has to lead them to specific pages on your website or chosen landing page in order to increase traffic to your website, get a lead and therefore more conversions.

Format your content

Before you publish your content to the internet, you must check if your content is arranged or formatted in the proper way. You can surf the web to check out various ways of formatting and editing, based on the kind of content you are publishing. After you format your content and thoroughly check it, make sure it reads well and has a smooth flow to it. This can do wonders for your readers! A well formatted article or blog not only makes it easy to read for the reader, but also makes them understand everything you’re trying to tell them.

Complete keyword research

You’ve formatted your content, you publish it, now what’s next? You’re going to sit and wait for people to click on it. But how do you think people will land up to your blog? That’s right! Keyword research!

If your written content does not contain any amount of keyword research, it’s as good as invisible for the internet. Why is that? Because unless you’ve used relevant keywords that are high in search volume, readers will have trouble finding your content. So if you want to rank on relevant keywords and want readers to discover your content, you need thorough keyword research. This is great for individual pieces of content or even landing pages such as the home page of your website. A good way to integrate keywords into your content is to see what your competitors are doing. Check out their websites or articles to see the kind of keywords they use to rank.

Know about the tools

Ever wonder how businesses and brands out there know exactly what kind of content to share, what time of the day to post and how to engage with their audience? The answer is tools! We’re not talking about handyman tools, we’re talking about analytic tools that analyze all your digital activity and let you know what works and what doesn’t. There are hundreds of analytics tools out there to help you identify what you should do in the future to make sure your content is discoverable, engaging and successful. In today’s era, everything is driven by and dependent on technology and as successful marketers, we must adopt these tools and use them to our advantage. For started, Google Analytics is a great tool to let you know about your content’s success, traffic derived and keyword reports!

Helpful & informative content

This is the main element under the limelight. The content your write is the only thing you have to offer for a reader who has landed on your page. If your content doesn’t satisfy the reader and they feel like they just wasted 7 to 10 minutes on your page, it’s not doing anything good for your business! That’s why no matter how your graphics, infographics or images may be, your content must be knowledgeable, interesting, unique and useful. You can offer solutions, tips, tricks, secrets or even a behind the scenes update through your content. Just remember to keep it original and interesting enough to make a user stick to it or, even better, convert.

Watch out for your competitors

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you can only do so if you know what they are up to. This might sound like it isn’t important, but of course you need to know what they’re up to in order to take the lead. Are they using new keywords that’s making them rank higher? Conduct another keyword research! Have they started posting at a different time and yield more results? Use analytic tools to figure out the optimum time for your business to post! Just to make sure your business isn’t getting left behind, it’s a good idea for you to look out for what your competitors are up to. At the same time, don’t wait for them to do something so your business can ape them. Remember, they’re keeping an eye on you too!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the most prevalent trend for businesses on social media today. This is the best way to have someone who has a social recognition to promote or talk about your brand or business; and it works wonders for popularizing your business! Know how to use influencer marketing for your business.

If a social media influencer shares your article, or if you mention an influencer in your article, it adds more credibility to your article. 

Personal branding

In order to make your brand more customer friendly, you may want to collaborate with many personal brands. This way you can make your brand more customer friendly. This is the best way to make your business more approachable to customers.

Focus on branding not selling

The focus should be on building a brand and not selling the brand services/products. Instead of promoting your services, focus on building a reputable image for your brand. A business that focuses on mainly selling and promoting does not go a long way. The simplest way to have followers and customers attached to your brand is when you offer something to your customer that makes a difference in their lives.

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