How To: 8 Tips To Going Viral On Instagram In 2022

How To: 8 Tips To Going Viral On Instagram In 2022

Larry Henderson
March 22, 2022

Instagram is up there among the most popular social media apps for sharing photos and videos worldwide. TikTok comes close, but Instagram edges with more active users.

Due to a great number of monthly active users (roughly 1-billion), the buzz around trending posts is massive on the platform. It's no wonder that many users are striving to go viral in 2022.

From the records published by Statista Research Department in March 2022, “over two-thirds of Instagram audiences are aged 34yrs and younger”. When a business profile goes viral on this app, they get exposed to millions of young users willing to make a purchase. This in turn means more sales for the business.

The truth is, not everyone on Instagram will go viral. If you’re nursing the dream of going viral, there are strategies you need to deploy. You can get lucky but you must put in the effort.

In this guide, we will share valuable tips for going viral on Instagram in 2022. Stay tuned!!!

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Tip #1: Create Valuable Content

Creating valuable content that your audience will engage with is one of the surest ways to go viral on Instagram. More engagement on your posts means more views. It’s not rocket science.

If your audience finds your post valuable and interesting, there’s a high chance they get hooked to your page. This will in turn increase the level of engagement through likes and shares.

More likes and shares will improve your web presence and make your post go viral.

To create valuable content on Instagram, ensure you;

  • Post contents that your audience finds interesting
  • Publish contents that your audience can relate with
  • Share entertaining and inspirational Instagram stories

Tip #2: Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the key elements that allow the Instagram algorithm to push your content to users that might be interested. So, it is essential to identify the right hashtags to use on posts.

The importance of hashtags cannot be overemphasized because they will help your posts get more discovered. And if you goal is to go viral, you know discoverability is key.

When many people discover your posts, your chances of going viral will increase. This is especially so when they go the extra mile to like and share the content.

Keep in mind that the hashtag competition is high. Other accounts are looking to leverage these tags for increased visibility as well. So you must choose your Hashtags carefully. Choose hashtags that are not too competitive.

Furthermore, it is possible for your posts to get featured on Instagram’s “Explore Page” if you use the right hashtags. So, ensure you identify the ones that are effective in your niche.

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Tip #3: Explore Instagram Reels

One of the best ways to go viral on Instagram is through Instagram Reels. This feature was launched recently to allow users to create short video content for consumption.

While posting content on Instagram Reels will make your account grow, your chances of going viral are highly dependent on you posting original and engaging content. This is very essential.

So, here are ways to go viral through the use of Instagram Reels;

  • Get creative with the video content you share
  • Add contents that will grab the audience's attention
  • Find a specific niche and focus on posting regularly about it
  • Incorporate the use of text captions for better understanding
  • Include call-to-action to encourage better audience interaction
  • Create a custom reel cover that will make your video appealing
  • Implement trending elements like viral music and challenges
  • Publish Reels at peak viewing periods to connect with your audience

Once you create eye-catching and entertaining videos on Reels, do not hesitate to share them on your Instagram feed and stories. This will give your Reels greater visibility on the IG scene.

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Tip #4: Interact with Your Audience

You need to learn the art of interacting with your audience on a social network like Instagram. No one wants to engage accounts that are not responsive or dormant. It doesn’t sound nice.

So, in your bid to go viral, you must be ready to put in the work. That involves interacting more.

The Instagram algorithm will make your posts visible to accounts you frequently interact with. This is because the algorithm deems that such accounts will find your posts relatable.

Active ways to interact with your audience involve commenting on posts, tagging friends on posts, seeking out conversations, liking or sharing posts, sending direct messages, etc.

Doing these things will earn you more Instagram views and improve your post engagement.

Tip #5: Publish Posts Consistently

Another proven strategy to go viral on Instagram involves posting consistently. As discussed earlier, posting content when your target audience is active is very essential.

An important aspect of going viral on Instagram involves your audience engaging your post right after you’ve published it. This means they have to be active online to see when you post.

To achieve this, you have to post consistently. The more posts you publish, the higher your chances of going viral. This might be tiring as you will have to send out hundreds of posts.

Don’t get discouraged. This is a tested and proven strategy in the game of going viral on IG.

Note: ensure your posts are on brand as this will help you maintain a high retention rate. Posting content in the same niche will make people who discover your viral posts engage other posts on your page.

Tip #6: Participate in Trending Challenges

You have to know what’s trending to go viral on Instagram. Having no knowledge of what’s trending can leave you in the dark. Learn the trending songs. Join the trending challenges.

You must have seen interesting viral dance challenges on Instagram over the years. Participating in such a challenge will make people view your content repeatedly. They love it, and it’s a great way to go viral.

If you’re keen on diving deeper into how to go viral on Instagram in 2022, you should employ this effective strategy. It will build your online presence and make you go viral.


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Tip #7: Conduct Contests and Giveaways

This is one of the most effective ways to go viral on Instagram. People will engage your posts if there’s a reward attached to them. Running contests and giveaways will boost engagement.

The more engagement your post gets, the higher the chances of it going viral. This strategy will work best if you understand how to set it up. So, ensure you check out a few templates.

Aside from that, you need to attach rewards that people desire. It will encourage them to participate in your contest. You should also promote your contests and giveaway programs.

Tip #8: Use The Paid Ads Approach

This final tip is self-explanatory. Paid ads expose your posts to a wide range of people who are interested in your niche. If any user likes your post, they'll check out your page and likely follow you. This is why many brands prefer to advertise products on Instagram.

You will do well to consider promoting your posts through paid ads. This is the most effective strategy you can think of. Paid ads will increase your reach and they don't cost you a fortune.

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The Instagram algorithm is designed in such a way that the most interesting content gets pushed to keep users hooked on the platform. So, the first step to going viral involves creating entertaining content.

The kind of content you share online defines your personality and your brand. Hence, don’t lose your sense of reasoning when publishing different posts in your bid to go viral.

Remember you can enjoy the platform without going viral. But, if going viral on Instagram is on your wish list, we are happy to inform you that such a wish can come through with these tips.

Aside from the tips mentioned, you can also leverage analytics to learn what works best.

Going viral on Instagram will increase your engagement rate and the number of followers. It will push your content to a larger audience, which will in turn promote your brand.

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