How to Create Killer Content Marketing Campaign, Part-1

How to Create Killer Content Marketing Campaign, Part-1

October 8, 2020

A killer content marketing campaign helps you to retain customers, to increase your SERP rankings, and to improve your conversion rate. 

For the same reason, webmasters and marketers are now actively investing in content marketing. A study from SmartInsights informs that 59% of content marketing ventures have a documented content marketing strategy. 

If you don't have a defined content strategy, now is the time to act. This guide will help you through each step of understanding how to do content marketing to solidify your name in the marketplace. 

1. Develop a Dynamic Content Calendar 

To grow your business in the digital marketplace, you need to regularly devise and publish content. According to E-Marketer, 60% of marketers ensure that they craft at least one piece of content each day. With the help of a content calendar, you can monitor your posts' frequency on various channels.

Keep your content calendar dynamic and leave space for trend-based posts. Such publications help in increasing web traffic. The methods can vary but ensure that you're abiding by your content calendar. Remember, consistency is key to run a successful content marketing campaign. 

2. Foster Helpful Content

When a user opens your blog post, there's a clear query in his/her mind. If you offer informative content that sticks not only to the topic but also on the reader's mind, you've done a fair job. Informative content directs your content marketing campaign in the right direction. It also enables you to review your services and generate content accordingly. 

As per QuoraCreative, almost 75% of the consumers prefer informative content to learn about a brand rather than an advertisement.  

3. Use Authentic Visual Marketing 

Videos, images, GIFs, infographics – all are potent attributes of visual marketing. You can leverage sizable results from your content marketing strategy via visual advertising. 

As per Neomam, the inclusion of visuals in any content enhances the willingness to read/view the content by 80%. You can use explainer videos to pitch your product or post insightful infographics. With the help of a visually appealing interface, you can modify your standard landing page to increase the conversion rate.

4. Activate your Social Media 

Content marketing on social media is a great way of attracting new visitors to your brand. Social shares help you to reach a segment of the audience outside of your intended consumer bracket. It's fun, engaging, and highly converting, albeit if done correctly. 

A statistical report from Buffer informs that more than 70% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been effective for their business. Include a rocking social media campaign in your content marketing strategy and go viral among the netizens.

5. Improve the Future Campaigns 

Content marketing campaigns involve various activities, and all of them don't go as planned. You can derive the most lucrative ideas of your previous campaigns to upgrade the upcoming content strategy. 

A report from ContentMarketingInstitute suggests that you begin to reap rich dividends from your content marketing campaign after 3 years. Learning from your past experiences to improve future campaigns is the best foot forward. It is a concept that doesn't confine to content marketing only. 

To Conclude

Content marketing is vital for your digital success and to increase the number of visitors. 

To begin with, you need to offer useful content to your visitors. Prepare a content calendar to track your content development and publication. Maintain social media presence for brand promotion and through visual marketing improve your customer retention. And in the end, learn from your mistakes while capitalizing the positive aspects to craft best-in-class content strategy.

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Stay tuned for part-2 of this series that’ll provide you more innovative techniques to devise a killer content marketing campaign.


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