7 Great Qualities of an Outstanding Website

There are millions and millions of websites sitting on the World Wide Web, all waiting to be visited or explored. Some may attract a lot of traffic while some may not have ever had a visitor. We know that a lot goes into a website’s building, but what are the few things that make a great website?


website is designed to appeal and cater to a specific target audience. For a website to succeed a marketer needs to understand the latest website design trends, who will access his website and what they will expect to find when they get there and most importantly how the website can fulfill those needs.


A good website is aware of its purpose. There is a clear idea of what the organization wants to achieve from a website and works toward strategically achieving these goals. 

Analyze Competition

A good website understands the competition and fashions its own distinctive identity. Identifying what other websites in the same category are trying to achieve, analyzing their successes and failures can be a great way of getting ideas and looking at different ways to compete online.

Usability & Accessibility

In order to be easily usable, a website needs to have a simple, elegant and functional design. It is about making sure that things work intuitively, eliminating barriers so that users accomplish their goals with the least effort. Likewise, a good website design should allow all users equal access to the information and functionality they deliver. Marketers should adhere to accessibility guidelines when designing their website to make sure that they are accessible to a broad cross-section of their target audience.


A good website understands that at the core the Internet is all about verbal/textual communication. Knowing which words are relevant to one's business is essential to building an effective website. Using keywords become vital in making the website more accessible to search engines.


In the case of e-commerce sites ensuring security during transactions is important. Good websites have SSL (Security Sockets Layer) certificates which allow for encrypted and secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins and accounts maintained by customers.


A good website offers its visitors clear concrete navigation. A well-designed site has a comprehensive site map that enables visitors to easily reach the sections they are looking for. Such a website also makes it easy to understand the names and links provided for different sections. An easy navigation website design works wonders in increasing the popularity of a brand.

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