Quick Tips for SEO - Part 2

Quick Tips for SEO - Part 2

August 1, 2017


It’s just the right time to be looking into search engine optimization strategies to give your website the boost it needs, and give a push to your online presence so as to improve website ranking. SEO isn’t always a hard topic to approach, and with these simple tips and tricks, you could take your website to a whole new level.

  • Keep a track of the exit pages from which users are leaving your website. Analyzing the problem with those exit pages and rectifying them will help you engage your target audience for a greater time period.
  • Quality content is very important. Good, reliable content always gets more search results so, try to rewrite or completely exclude poorly written or poorly researched material.
  • Don’t forget to index your website as indexing website helps to improve the ranking of your website. Moreover, new websites get indexed at a slow pace as compared to the older ones, so it is best done as soon as possible.
  • Geo targeting all Facebook Live posts for services limited to a particular area is very important to target a specific audience for your business.
  • LinkedIn Ads are a great way to reach out to the audience. It lets you track the number of conversions you get from sponsored Ads.
  • Take advantage of Google’s latest feature, a trip planning device in their Knowledge Graph. If you run a local business or travel group, this feature works perfectly for you.
  • Search engines value a website that has customer reviews more, so adding a feature where users can review or comment on products is a better idea to achieve good rankings.
  • Use Open Graph markup to preview the look of posts on Facebook.
  • Instagram has recently become a favorite among all the social media lovers. It’s been used by many e-commerce companies too for promotion. If you are an e-commerce brand, it is a good idea to be present on Instagram too.
  • By using Google’s Local Inventory Ad program, you can allow your site’s users to go through your store within Google itself.
  • Write effective meta descriptions to improve your click-through-rate and search engine rankings.

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  • Reddit is the 9th largest website in U.S.A; you can showcase your products and services through sponsored Reddit Ads.
  • Refurbish older engaging blog posts and add new information to them to allow more traffic to come to your website.
  • Make sure your linked profile remains top-notch, as search engines crawl this to rate your website or brand.
  • Digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo allow facts and local guides to help a site appear in the first result.
  • Remove scraped content by cleaning up all duplicate content hosted internally or externally on your site. It affects the website rankings.
  • Try selling and purchasing through customer service on Facebook.
  • Create some 360-degree videos for Facebook as it is a growing trend.
  • To convert mobile searchers, create ‘shop the look’ ads in Google Adwords.
  • AMP pages and Atom XML feeds will help you get featured in Google’s Search Live carousel results.

It’s great to experiment with new ideas when it comes to your SEO, and putting in that extra effort to elevate your site’s status is always going to pay off, especially when your ratings and rankings are concerned!

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