Quick Tips for SEO - Part 3

Quick Tips for SEO - Part 3

August 2, 2017


Every brand experiences the same problem: you launch the site, create content and customize it, but the problem of online rankings still bothers you. Fortunately, there is a foolproof way of improving your rankings. Although the subject of SEO might seem off-putting and difficult to approach, these twenty tips for SEO are extremely easy to get the hang of:

  • Invest in a good SEO marketer before redesigning your website. Some sites look trendy but some glitches present might affect their SEO negatively.
  • Make sure you change all your internal links to https before migrating your site, as a whole, from http to https.
  • Have a contract in place before beginning to work with an influencer, just be clear about the expectations both parties have from each other.
  • Use Header Tags optimally. Don’t use more than one H1 tag on a single page.
  • To reduce duplicate content that arises from dynamic URLs, adjust your parameters in Google search console to how you want Google to crawl your site’s content.
  • Pop-ups not only interrupt the users experience on desktops but also on mobiles. Even Google doesn’t like it, so it is advisable to not use them. One can substitute it with hyper linked texts or CTA.
  • You can have more than one sitemap, especially if you want Google to focus its attention on crawling specific areas of your site, like images, videos or blog posts.
  • Indexing is very important but it should be done very carefully. If Double-indexing occurs then that may lead the site to build up duplicate content, so avoid that. Also, make sure your pages are indexed with ‘site: domain’.
  • If another site is syndicating your content, always ensure that they use the rel=canonical tag to trace back to your site.

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  • Invest time in creating a system that will work on link building and PR, just to give your site an edge over the others.
  • Add your IP address to Google analytics.
  • Use suitable keyword phrases as well as image alt attributes before posting on your site.
  • If you’re using Google search console for the first time, submit both the www and non-www versions of your site to it, and after finishing, choose your preferred version.
  • Also, if you have more than one subdomain, in order to gain all the data, submit them all to Google search console.
  • Double check your content for grammatical and spelling errors for a richer user experience.
  • Think creatively, like how your content can be re used into videos, facebook live or slideshare.
  • Since Google has removed page rank, you can use third-party alternatives like Moz’s domain authority to compare your site’s efforts to other sites or brands.
  • Link-building is now merging with PR to provide a better linking experience, so always put quality over quantity when building links.
  • Your pages should all have the rel=canonical tags to redirect search engines to your site’s main page. These prevent confusion by ensuring that no duplicate content is created.
  • Rewrite your FAQ pages to include more long-tail keyword terms.

As a budding entrepreneur, you must do whatever you can to improve your website’s ranking & presence on the Internet. Mastering SEO will positively impact the part that it plays when interacting with the site’s users and powerful search engines, and most importantly, give a much-needed nudge to your rankings!

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