Snapchat Features as a Business Tool

Snapchat Features as a Business Tool

September 6, 2017

At the time of launch, Snapchat did not strike anybody as a reliable tool for online marketing. But, now the scenario has changed altogether as the number of people on Snapchat and Snapchat followers is ever growing. Considering the growing popularity and the augmenting number of users of this tool, Snapchat for business can now be effectively utilized as a smart marketing tool to advertise your products/services online. The increase in the number of Snapchat followers has made it the perfect choice for promoting a business on Snapchat.

On a single day millions of Snapchat stories are shared. Earlier this was just used for sharing messages, pictures and Snapchat stories but now businesses have become aware of its potential as a business marketing tool.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into this social media platform and how you can make the most of it: 

Understand Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile based application that runs on Android and Apple iOS platforms. One can use it to create messages in the form of Snapchat stories or Snaps containing photographs, texts, videos and drawings. These snaps last only for a temporary time period, after which the content gets removed and recipients can no longer access it unless one has a taken a snapshot (notifying the sender of this action) of the message.

What makes Snapchat different from other social networks?

The demographics of Snapchat clearly indicate the growing appeal of this platform. It is a vibrant and lively social media platform and has incorporated a range of special features since its launch in 2011. The instant messaging trait of this platform has also paved a way for live chat. The thing that segregates Snapchat from other networks of social media is its approach to advertising and marketing. Though the platform may not have the segmentation tools used by Facebook for advertising, it has its own creative methodologies for marketing products. This allows businesses to think outside the box when it comes to promoting their products online.

Being a different social media platform, Snapchat certainly gets its due share of attention from advertisers but this is not the sole reason that businesses utilize this platform. Snapchat followers are captive audiences and are seemingly curious to witness how brands and businesses adjust themselves to this platform.

The advertising features of Snapchat

Snapchat took a number of years to completely embrace its prevalent marketing philosophies. It began with ‘Snapchat Stories’, a feature that allowed brands to share snaps that lasted for twenty-four hours as compared to the current time of ten seconds. The challenge is to make these stories creative and friendly. Just after Snapchat stories started gaining momentum, businesses discovered its potential to establish themselves by using this feature extensively. It allows users to get creative and lets them draw doodles.

Unleashing real time content for engaging users on Snapchat

Online marketers have realized that the ephemeral nature of Snapchat has found attention among users. This is the reason why brands such as Amazon used Snapchat to launch their brand on such a different platform. Using various promo codes or gifts for their users to let their brand be much liked by the followers. Many other brands have started seizing the moment while crafting snaps and Snapchat Stories. The content created by the brand will be archived in its ‘Discover Profiles’ so that users and followers can benefit from it.

Snapchat is an emerging platform and marketers have become aware of its potential as a marketing tool. Considering its popularity among followers, the platform has a great potential for storming the world of online marketing!

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