How to Create Killer Content Marketing Campaign, Part-2

How to Create Killer Content Marketing Campaign, Part-2

October 12, 2020

Welcome to Part-2 of “How to Create Killer Content Marketing Campaign.” We cover 5 more tips that’ll improve your content marketing strategy. Before reading this blog, do check Part-1 of the series for better understanding.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list:

1. Implement a Unique Approach

Amidst stiff competition, you’ll need to break the stereotype to stay relevant. Follow a unique approach to devise an eccentric content calendar and showcase your innovation on social media. Formulate novel content marketing ideas to increase popularity among the netizens. 

According to HubSpot, 24% of marketers plan to invest more in content marketing to foster unique content. You can modify various aspects of your strategy to give your brand a fresh outlook. You can adopt methods and ideologies, such as:

  • New ways of market research and competitive analysis
  • Welcoming to latest trends 
  • Tech-oriented and consumer-friendly 

2. Improve SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides visibility to your digital venture. To serve your target audience, they must know that you exist. SEO is a cost-efficient method to improve SERP rankings. You can work on various optimization techniques like:

  • On-Page SEO - everything visible to the reader
  • Off-Page SEO - building backlinks, improving domain authority
  • Local SEO - location-based search optimization

Ranking on the search engine’s first page is critical. A statistical report from Backlinko informs that the first result on Google search has a whopping 32% CTR (click-through-rate). Work on keywords based on location, services, and the target audience. Once web crawlers index your web pages, your venture can land on the “first page” of search engines. 

3. Repurpose Published Content 

We talked about creating helpful content in Part-1, and here’s how you can keep it afresh. Repurposing content helps the marketer distribute content across multiple channels. You can publish infographics, videos, and blogs on similar content to satisfy the consumers and expand your reach.

According to Curata’s survey, only 33% of marketers have a systemic repurposing strategy. Repurposed content makes your content evergreen, i.e., increases its value and relevance. Utilize your old content to increase reach, boost web traffic, etc. by converting: 

  • Old PPTs into explainer slide decks
  • Blogs into detailed guides 
  • Infographics into Twitter posts 

4. Establish Effective KPIs 

Timely evaluation of your efforts gives rich insights on what’s working and what requires modification. Key Performance Indicators help to maintain a positive ROI and ensure that you don’t deviate from the end goal. 

As per ThinkWithGoogle, 50% of webmasters wish to implement measurement-based strategies in the future. Things can go haywire in content marketing. So, establish robust KPIs to monitor progress. 

Some crucial KPIs for a killer content marketing campaign include: 

  • Customer Retention 
  • Click-through-Rate
  • On-Page Time
  • Conversion Rate 

5. Innovate on CTA Strategy 

To develop the perfect CTA, you should know your business model and the targeted audience. The content should be crisp and highly informative to entrust the readers. And with an attractive call-to-action you score high conversions.

Innovate standard CTAs into personalized action calls to improve performance. According to HubSpot, personalized CTAs can increase the conversion rate by a mind-boggling 202%. Take care of these aspects to craft the optimum CTA for your brand: 

  • Don’t force your CTA on the visitor 
  • Avoid regular pop-ups
  • Use power words to express brand authenticity 
  • Modify CTA for each platform (Email, blog, social media post, etc.)

Remember that CTAs compliment your content. Without web visibility and premium content, users won’t reach your call-to-action. 

To Conclude 

This concludes our exclusive series for creating a killer content marketing campaign. Establish your brand in the marketplace by giving it a unique identity. Enhance SEO performance to secure better SERP rankings. 

Repurpose your prior content to make it relevant and attract additional traffic. Set KPIs to track the performance and ROI of your campaign. Place an elegant call-to-action after serving premium content to secure customers.

Didn’t go through Part-1 yet? Click here to know 5 more content marketing ideas. 
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