The Top 8 Social Bookmarking Websites for Your Business

The Top 8 Social Bookmarking Websites for Your Business

September 8, 2017

What is Social Bookmarking?

The method for Internet users to store, organize, search and manage bookmarks. It is popular among people with affiliate marketing programs as it drives traffic & backlinks to the website.

Social bookmarking sites allow you to do 2 main things – Firstly, manage the bookmarks online, where they can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone; and secondly, it conducts searches for information based on other people's findings rather than search engines.

Why should you use social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is getting popular with Internet marketers. In addition to creating brand awareness and increasing profit, social bookmarking makes it easier to search data as it is organized and categorized by the user. It allows the user to search data, which are not necessarily indexed by search engines. It improves domain authority and reduces bounce rate. As user voting plays an important role in getting a high vote, chances of appearing in search results are increased. It is the fastest way to index your website and increase backlinks to your website.

Social bookmarking sites get the natural links i.e. if people like your story, chances are they will publish it in their forums, blogs etc. with your website URL. Hence, your website will get the natural links.

Check out the popular social bookmarking sites:


Delicious is a social bookmarking site acquired by Yahoo. Having a million users in its customer base, it allows the user to tag their content as well as find other people's content. Users are also provided with an option to either set his bookmarks to private or public. Public bookmarks are visible to everyone whereas private bookmarks are visible to people who are in your network. 


Internet's only web discovery service that allows people to discover great websites recommended by others with similar interests. A million advertisers are using StumbleUpon to promote products and services. It already has a million users as its customer base & is continuously increasing. It is rapidly getting millions of recommendations each month, thus increasing the customer base manifold. This makes it easy to steer huge traffic to your website at once.  


Social bookmarking and news site that allows users to submit articles, vote on them, as well as get engaged in the discussions. From SEO point of view, Reddit can prove to be an essential social bookmarking website as the article/websites voted up to the front page usually receive a great deal of traffic and can easily see over 10,000 visitors within the span of a day. You also need to upvote and re-submit others Reddit posts.

Scoop it

It allows users to curate content & promote content using marketing skills. You can either bookmark your blog posts or can add a backlink to your bog posts. Its Alexa rankings are high so it is easy to get backlinks on this platform.


Not only it is a social bookmarking site but is the biggest graphics sharing platform. It can be easily used by anyone and has content in the form of graphics. Once you create an account on Pinterest you can follow categories and hence keep on adding content or images to your Pinterest boards. Upon searching you can also come across related Pinterest boards.


This is one of the toughest sites to publish and bookmark your blogpost on. One needs to be very careful while posting a blog post over here. It is precisely for small and medium enterprises. If your posts get maximum sugars or votes your post can be seen on the first page, which makes it even better for your post to rank high. One can always edit the meta-description according to the interest of users.


Digg is one of the top social bookmarking websites with a high authority. It has a huge customer base, which makes it very easy to drive traffic to your site once it ranks your blog post. Since it is a favorite hangout place for bloggers, if your site gets featured, it is for sure that all the traffic gets diverted to your website.


It enables you to post articles, once you start getting up votes it becomes more visible online and hence starts getting traffic. It is usually revolved around questions and answers. One can get answers in detail on any topic.

Social bookmarking and SEO are inter related, so be sure that your website and the articles that you post are completely optimized. To grow your foothold in the world of social media, it is necessary to know about social bookmarking websites & understand the importance of social bookmarking for your business. Reach out to our experts for planning your digital marketing!

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