Why You Need to Regulate Your Online Time Spent

Why You Need to Regulate Your Online Time Spent

October 15, 2020

Before digitalization, staying in touch meant a random phone call, an annual reunion, and other similar activities. Today, with indefinite access to the internet, you're always connected to your colleagues and your circle in general. However, is so much exposure to the internet good for your health? 

As per a report by WeAreSocial, people spend 6 hours 42 minutes on the internet each day. The internet started as a medium for quick communication and access to a plethora of information. It has, unfortunately, become an addiction, especially for the millennials. 

You must regulate your online time spent. Here's why:

1. Superior Mental Health 

People use their smartphones as stress-busters. But, anxiety and depression don't require you to stare at a digital screen. You should rather go out for a walk or meet your friends. It quickly becomes a habit and, before you realize, an addiction

Watching movies and web series in one-go can give you a dopamine-high. But, it lures you into the vicious trap of internet subjection. For better mental health, burst the digital bubble of your smartphone and indulge in social interactions with friends and family. 

2. Increases Productivity 

It's vital to be the best version of yourself each day in today's day and age. Productivity is inversely proportional to the time you waste on the internet. The more you stay away from your mobile, the more efficient you become.

Once you turn the internet "on," you're exposed to social media, notifications, videos, news feeds, etc. It isn't easy to get back to your work zone, and you end up working overtime. Switch off your mobile, and don't open unnecessary tabs on your desktop to improve productivity.  

3. Helps Maintain Focus 

You have a check-list of goals you want to accomplish as an individual. You browse the internet to gain knowledge about similar stuff, but a chat notification ruins the session. Note that it's up to you to engage in the conversation. You can quickly return to your research session, but that's not usually the case.

Commit to avoiding any activity that deviates you from your goal. Use the internet as a utility for enhancement and not as a platform to kill time. You can concentrate better than ever when you can optimize and regulate your online time.

4. Makes you Socialize, Offline 

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other applications have vanished all geographical barriers. You can talk to anyone, sitting anywhere in the world from your home's comfort. But, is it okay to ask your relative's health via a message and never show up, even in the same city?

People become insecure and unreasonably shy to start face-to-face conversations because they're used to the "chat form" of gossip. Facial gestures, conviction in tone, confidence in speech are the key attributes of a good conversation. You get none of it when you prefer social media for communication. A dozen heart emojis can never replace a goodbye hug. 

5. Spend Time on Yourself 

The internet has racked up some staggering usage numbers. Projections from DataReportal predict that the time spent online in 2020 will surpass 1.25 billion years of human time. The question is, are people valuing themselves?

The cyber-world is lucrative, and you begin to compete with others without even knowing. All these fancy social media posts make you do things out of peer-pressure. Once you sideline such activities, you can work on the real you, analyze your weaknesses, and overcome them with self-devotion.   

To Conclude 

Almost half of the human population has access to the internet. It's high time that people realize the correct way to use the internet, so it doesn't turn into a craving. When you monitor your online exposure, you improve your mental health and develop better sleeping habits.

You boost your daily productivity and develop laser-sharp focus. You also become socially active and remove conversational hesitations. Finally, you start to value yourself and discover new personality traits.

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