6 Effective Ways to do Link Building!

6 Effective Ways to do Link Building!

August 11, 2017

The word ‘link building’ is self-explanatory. In a Link building strategy, you link web pages to each other by taking hyperlinks from other websites and applying them to your own and vice versa. With the ever evolving trends in digital marketing, link building has emerged as a vital contributor in the growth of any business in the online space. The basic requirement to start link building is to have a good social media presence.

Link building is important for a business wishing to thrive in the ever evolving digital world. When you have link backs to your webpages, the number of visitors coming to your website increases. Hence, link building is important if you want to increase traffic to your business website and be more visible online.

There are various ways for building link backs on the Internet. Some of them are:

Blog posts

The most common and easiest method to attract the target audience is to write and share a well-written blog on various social media platforms. However, posting quality content alone, will not bring you the required leads.

Directory submissions

Submitting your business on various industry directories is a good way of acquiring new links digitally. For example, submitting your business on Yahoo directory.

Ad posting

Posting classified advertisements on various social channels can help popularize your business. The highest chances of getting a lead are from social media channels.

Forum discussions

It is important to have a one-on-one interaction with your target audience. It helps build trust in your brand and it is advisable to participate in discussions on forums like Quora, Yahoo and others related to your business.

Video submissions

Studies have shown that videos have a more forceful impact on people than written content. Similarly, in link building, videos exclusively of your work or your company’s achievements helps generate trust among the target audience and provide valuable leads.

Social media links

Getting links through social media accounts help in generating more links and hence generating more leads.

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