7 Tips to Lift up Your Facebook Organic Reach!

7 Tips to Lift up Your Facebook Organic Reach!

September 1, 2017

It’s been almost a year since business owners and marketing experts claimed that the concept of Facebook’s organic reach was dead in the real world. But that doesn’t hold true as businesses continue to achieve their online marketing goals through organic reach. So how does one make the most of this organic reach?

In literal terms Facebook Organic reach means the number of visitors you can reach for free by posting on your Facebook page. Paid reach is different where the visitors are driven to your page through paid advertisements. To be able to master and steer organic reach according to your wish, lets understand some basics of Facebook marketing strategy.

Well, it’s all about quality and it’s time for you to raise the bar with these six tips!

Be creative to drive quality traffic

Your creativity will help you fetch an intrigued audience. Try being innovative in your Facebook posts, even in the simplest manner. For instance, opt for storytelling! A lot of people may already do that but you can do it differently, by adding a creative twist!

Diversify your content

To put your message across clearly, you should repeat your Facebook posts. But wait! That does not mean you put up the exact same posts! Be sure to convey your message in the post, but create unique content each time.

Use exclusive Facebook groups

Creating specific groups is another way to increase Facebook followers. These exclusive groups add participants by sending out invites and only these invitees can join in. People take pride in being a part of such groups and usually prove to be loyalists. You can use these groups to keep the participants motivated at all times so that they actively participate in the discussions.

Aim at conversations, not advertising

Constant promotions and advertisements may be a turn off for your users! Having an exclusive audience does not mean you advertise yourself at all times; that is displeasing!
Initiate and encourage meaningful conversations to connect better with your audience.

Prefer more of videos and images

This one’s something you are all aware of. A combination of great content and stunning visuals presented to the right audience at the right time can do wonders for your business online! Posting videos is likely to get more user engagement. It keeps the users engaged to your Facebook page and increases website traffic.

Facebook live

Facebook live has proved to be successful for businesses that have used it and helps driving large amounts of traffic. It makes users stick to your page for a while and makes them curious to scroll further through your page.

Facebook events

Create online events on Facebook and share it on your page. You’ll see how many people are interested in your events, it also gives you an idea of what your users are looking forward to.

So, conclusively Facebook organic reach is quite relevant in today’s online marketing mix and you must explore the possibilities. Are you geared up to make the most of it?

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