8 Effective Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing!

8 Effective Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing!

August 16, 2017

Pinterest is emerging as a great platform for businesses to promote their services. It is wildly popular for topics ranging from marketing and business tips to food and stuff. With this growing popularity and status, it becomes essential that you make the most of this social media channel and hence devise an effective pinterest marketing strategy for your business to thrive.

Check out these 8 pinterest marketing tips that can significantly help your business to grow!

Pinterest boards should be uncluttered

Your boards should be neat and easy to deal with. Categorize things so that the navigation process for users becomes simple and easy. One method to do this is to create several boards. No matter how many pins a board has, as long as it is organized, it appeals to users.

Use striking fonts

Users won’t bother reading your posts if your graphics contain mundane fonts. For effective Pinterest marketing, it is essential that the fonts you use are enticing and attractive. You can make use of different font tools for giving your posts a polished look.

Do regular posting

It is advised that you keep your posts regular. Your followers may start losing interest in your business services if there is an extended time period of no postings. To make sure that your target audience remains interested in your business, keep your posts enticing and consistent.

Avoid over posting

Though regular posting is required, but take care that you do not pin incessantly. This can irritate your followers and you can even lose them. Do your postings wisely and do not misuse the ‘pin it’ feature with excessive and vague postings.

Converting your content in an infographic

The probability of users engaging in your content is more if the content is in a graphical format in comparison to a plain and straight text. Use interesting and influential infographics to make them stay ahead of the rest on Pinterest. For this, you can make use of different image editors available online. Many such editors are available free of cost. You can use them to create photos for your blogs and various social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Engage with your followers

Engagement is the most significant aspect of Pinterest marketing. If you come across any interesting pin then you can go ahead and follow the user to develop an interaction. Users enjoy positive feedback and promotion of their pins. Comment on other users’ pins to make a positive mark. This will give you a great chance to gain followers. Offering your feedback on their posts will provide you good exposure and users will make an attempt to understand your business and its services.

Pin your blog posts

Start pinning your blog posts to your pinterest boards. It is one of the effective and super easy pinterest marketing ideas to follow that redirects all the traffic to your site and hence online visibility of your business increases.

Following online influencers

Following influencers who already have target audience as their followers is the formula for gaining followers. Following them makes your task easy and helps your content go viral on the internet.

So next time you start posting on Pinterest, make sure you follow a detailed Pinterest marketing guide! For more such tips, stay tuned into the RedAlkemi blogs!


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