8 Steps to Follow for Thorough Keyword Research!

8 Steps to Follow for Thorough Keyword Research!

August 29, 2017

Keywords are the foundation on which content is created and it becomes necessary to choose keywords wisely, keeping in mind factors like keyword search volume, KEI, and keyword relevancy to the content.

Keyword research is an important component of the search engine optimization process. Using appropriate and relevant keywords helps search engines and visitors find your content easily, driving traffic to your website. This makes your website rank higher and proves beneficial for your business.

Keyword research and analysis involves an in-depth review of the most relevant, and affordable keywords for your website. This is a critical aspect of SEO and needs thorough research to cull out the most appropriate keywords necessary for the optimization of your website.

A detailed step by step guide for keyword research process involves –

Business specific, generic keywords

You must use keywords that are aligned with your business, and show your business when users search for it. Think from a user’s perspective. What keywords would you use while searching for a business like yours? Use generic keywords specific to your business and some niche specific keywords.

Research keyword related terms

If you fall short of keywords, you might want to Google your keywords. Once you plug in the keyword, you get a suggestion of related keywords that you might find relevant to your content. This is likely to give you more ideas about keywords that can be added to your content.

Add both short tail keywords and long tail keywords

Use both long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Long tail keywords as compared to their counterparts stand a better chance of ranking higher, as they are less competitive. On the other hand, short tail keywords are very competitive. So, adding both long tail keywords and short term keywords keeps you in a win-win situation.

Keyword relevance evaluation

Get thorough with your content and understand keywords that can be added. Check for keyword relevancy; if the keywords are aligned with your content or not. Incorporate relevant keywords with low search volumes rather than using high search volume keyword that are irrelevant.

Analyze where your keywords rank

Make a list of all the keywords that you have shortlisted for your content and check the ranking those keywords will give your content. This is possible by using various keyword research tools like keyword planner, keyword tool that helps you determine keyword search volume and traffic generated for that keyword.

Expected time frame for ranking on selected keywords

Analyze how much time it takes to rank on a specific keyword. Keywords that have high competition take time to get their ranking whereas low competition keywords are easily ranked.

Where all to add keywords

It is important to identify sections of the content where adding keywords improves your website ranking. Add keywords in title tag, meta-description and meta-keywords tag, as Googlebot crawls on these tags and hence makes your content more visible online.

Adding link backs to the keywords

To make your keywords more popular for your content, link back the keywords to a relevant page of your website or any blog. By building back links you improve the rank of the keywords.

Keyword research involves a number of processes, wherein you check its search volume, competition and its alignment with the content. In addition, one has to do rigorous and continuous website analysis to determine the keywords ranking and its role in website optimization. Reach our team of keyword research experts to optimize your business website!

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