8 Steps to Improve Google Ranking & SEO of Your Website!

8 Steps to Improve Google Ranking & SEO of Your Website!

How can one improve a website rank on Google? Are there any quick and easy solutions to get to the top of Google? No. There are no tricks to move to the top; it requires both time, commitment and a planned strategy to outrank your competitors and reach the top of search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

Every website wants to rank on first. Why? Being at the top makes it easy to reach your targeted customers and websites. Moreover, top search results get most of the traffic that directly translates into more clicks and more sales. The way to get to the top is to make your website important in Google’s eyes. The more important the site, the higher search engine rankings it will enjoy.

There is no secret to a high ranking. Your website should be fully SEO optimized. The more backlinks you have for your website, the higher the authority you are likely to get in your niche. Links are like votes for improving website rankings; the more, the merrier. Links are important but all links are not given equal importance. To secure links that carry more weight, it requires proper planning and a strategic approach towards link building so as to improve the link popularity of the website.

Let’s have a look at some of the methods to appear on 1st page of Google:

Get involved in online discussion boards

Start participating in discussion boards but don’t try to put your link in every comment. Participation on a regular basis will increase the credibility of your website and will also help acquire backlinks for your website. Online forums like Quora, Reddit & Yahoo discussion forums are where you should be discussing and being proactive in discussions.

Interlink your website pages

Inter linking within the content is quite important from SEO perspective and it helps the search engines to navigate more of your webpages. Interlink relevant pages and make sure not to link all from the home page of the website.

Contextual link building

Contextual link building is the most credible and effective way to fetch one-way backlinks for your website. Google loves these links from within the content and gives higher preference to contextual link building. It is great method for fetching high search engine rankings.

Engage in guest blogging

It is the most trending and useful approach to get backlinks. Put quality posts in other authority blogs with one-way links to your website. This will bring in traffic to your website from the visitors of that site. It is best to use these techniques to build quality links and bring credibility to your website. Invest time and money to get quality content for your website so as to get quality one-way links for high search engine rankings.

Getting featured in snippet sections

Whenever you type in something in the Google search box, results for the same appear on the page. If your site gets seen in featured snippet section, you have more chances of visitors clicking through to your website.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

In today’s era of everyone browsing on their mobile phones, it is important that your website is mobile and device friendly. Businesses that are unable to keep their websites responsive and user-friendly are more likely to lose their prospective customers.

Completely optimized website

SEO or search engine optimization is the foundation for any website to be technically correct. This involves optimizing as many pages as there are in the website by adding relevant keywords in title tag, meta description and meta keywords tag. Page speed also plays a big role in the quality of a website. Optimize images & use low KB images to avoid the website from becoming too heavy.

Original content

Content should be original and of good quality. It should be enticing so that it keeps the user engaged to your website.

To stay ahead and keep your website updated understand SEO basics and methods to improve website ranking. Feel free to reach out to our SEO experts for more tips!

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