9 Pointers to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles!

9 Pointers to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles!

August 9, 2017

Every marketer does everything possible to optimize their website, but many of them ignore the fact that social media profiles and business pages also need to be optimized. The optimized, branded social media expands your businesses digital and social footprints and also improves your website rank.

Here is a list of the best practices to optimize your social media profiles to boost your business for SEO: 

Get a custom URL

Every social media platform facilitates you to set up a custom URL; also known as vanity URL for your profile or business page. Have you ever wondered how you can change your social media profile or page’s URL for each social media platform? Let’s have a brief review:

On Facebook, to set up a custom URL for your business page, you need to go to your General Account Settings and edit your username. Choose the profile or page you want to update from the corresponding drop-down box and you will see a new field where you can type in your new username.

When it comes to your brand profile’s URL, Twitter is quite simple. Whatever you select as your username is the same name that will be given to your brand profile’s URL. You can change this username by clicking on the settings option, and update your custom username in the account tab.

Similar to Facebook, Google Plus lets you change your brand page’s URL, but you can’t change it once you have created it, so take your time before picking your final URL!

Use keywords in the company description and on daily social updates

Choose appropriate keywords that best describe your business for the ‘About’ and the ‘Description’ sections of your social media profile.Not only does this help with your SEO but also in discovering your profile on social media platforms. All social media channels have their own search engines, and when people search for a specific keyword related to your niche, your page will rank higher in the result list. Carry out a thorough keyword research and analysis to know the best way to narrate your business, and make sure to use those on social media, including your status updates, image names or even as #hashtags. On Twitter, placing your keywords at the beginning of the message is the best way to avoid being cut out with every retweet. 

Optimize your social media pages for brand uniformity

Do not copy the exact company description on all your social media platforms. Instead, try and maintain the consistency of your brand. Use most of the same keywords and try using similar visuals for your profile photos or headers.

In order for your business to be recognized by your users, especially in case of a switch to other social media channels, you must use your company’s logo for your profile photos and avoid texts and visuals that are not compatible with your brand guidelines.

Link to your main website

Always mention your website URL in the about company section of your brand’s social media page. Not only does this help in SEO but it also gives your visitors a sense of authenticity, especially if your page is not verified. It helps your users build a level of trust with you and your brand.

Link back to your social media pages

All the inbound links you have will help you rank higher in Google search results. The more you have, the better your brand becomes. Therefore, apply the same principle for all your social media pages by adding links to your social media pages.

You can also do this on all your social media profiles: For example, you add a link on Slideshare, to your Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Interlink them but make sure not to go overboard. Carry out this procedure in a manner that there are only one-way links from your social media profiles.

Figure out the best posting time

After a detailed analysis, you can understand the peak times for your brand to post when your target audience is online. Figure out the correct time slot and follow it precisely for uploading your posts. Try not to storm social media platforms with your posts as this might annoy your users.

Accepting feedback

Being present on social media platforms can draw both positive and negative comments to your business. Positive comments in itself glorify your business. On the contrary dealing with negative comments is the key to building a strong social media presence wherein you respond to your upset customers timely and assure your users to rectify the inconvenience caused. The way you deal with the customer feedback reflects brand etiquette.

Landing pages

Understand what your landing page is and where it directs your users. After spending some time on the landing page your users have more chances of converting once they find what they are looking for. So, it is vital that you make your landing page enticing and appealing.

Cover image acts as PR

Even if cover images are different in size depending on the social media channels, your cover photo/ header is a major PR resource. It acts like a giant brand hoarding at the beginning of your social media profile, so if you’re not using it yet or using it wrong you’re missing out on a big opportunity!

Follow these super easy guidelines on how to optimize and keep your social media profiles updated to stay ahead of your competitors. If you still think you need help, feel free to reach out to our social media optimization experts!  



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